5 Reasons It’s Patriotic To Support The Hemp Industry

5 Reasons It's Patriotic To Support The Hemp Industry

National Hemp Month is here, and there are a couple of reasons you should care. There are so many more, but I’ve narrowed down the top five reasons this should matter to all Americans.

1. American Farmers

Hemp is being recognized, thanks to the popular CBD products out there that have started to gain popularity over the recent years. The crop is grown by many local farms in the United States. This is one reason to support and celebrate hemp. It supports local farming, which is important to this country. The more crops are grown here, the more self-sustaining this country can become. Taking a step like this can prevent a country from depending on others so much, which is especially important during emergencies, such as a pandemic.

2. Historical Significance

Another reason to support this industry is that it holds a special place in American history. Most folks don’t know this, but hemp fibers were used to make all sorts of things the US army used in the past. For example, the 44-gun USS Constitution navy ship used about 120,000 pounds of hemp for rigging. Hemp was important during some of the most important wars in this country, like the Revolutionary War and other wars this country has fought like WW1 and WW2.

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3. Much Greener

Buying local, organic goods is good for the environment and our health. Since there is less transportation needs you can lower your carbon footprint and support local farmers. Being green continues to be more and more important to this country for sustainability and continued efforts to invest in greener business and agricultural practices. Being eco-conscious means you’ll be helping this community, this country, and this world. The more demand for green-conscious companies, the more folks would be willing to invest in this industry. In essence, you’ll be helping the future of this country by supporting the hemp industry.

4. Something to Share

Patriotism is about sharing the love for this country with others. This is something you can do with the help of CBD. This product continues to grow in popularity, and it’s the kind of thing you can share with others. If you want to spend time with your patriotic friends, then giving them something to share is a good place to start. If your friends do not know much about CBD, then this is a good time to spread that knowledge. They have probably already heard about CBD but may be skeptical or ill-informed.

5. Business Growth

The more you support a local farm, the more you’ll be pumping money into your community as a whole. Everything works from the bottom up. If you spend money there, then those farmers will have more cash to spend in your community. The industry is growing, but it’s not huge. The more this country can produce, the more it’ll be able to sell to other countries. This could help bring new money to this country, and that’s a good thing for everyone.

These are just some patriotic reasons you should consider supporting the hemp industry. Don’t let this month be the only month you support the industry but take time to celebrate National Hemp Month for love of country.