Answering The Top Questions You May Have About Exercising During Quarantine

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Around half of women say they have gained weight during the lockdown. If you don’t want to pile on the pounds you need to find ways to keep exercising during quarantine.

Just because you can’t go outdoors as much as normal that doesn’t mean you can’t stay fit and healthy indoors.

Have you been wondering how to stay in shape during a lockdown? Are you desperate to know the best top workout routines for indoors? Check out our tips below!

1. How Do I Get My Heart Rate Up?

If you want to stay healthy during the pandemic, you’ll need to explore ways of getting your heart rate up without heading to the gym.

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If you have access to stairs, then these steps are your key to achieving your workout goals.

Just running up and down your stairs is enough to get your blood flowing. You can also do a bunch of household chores, such as laundry or scrubbing the kitchen floor to get your blood pumping.

If you want a proper workout, you can always do a few minutes of jumping jacks or simply focus on jogging on the spot.

You should ensure that you’re getting your heart rate up a few times per day. This is the only way to compensate for the inevitable sitting you’re going to be doing.

2. Should I Go for a Walk?

During the pandemic, you’re permitted to go for a walk around your neighborhood. You don’t have to stay indoors the whole time.

You may think that you need to go for a run or do a full-body workout to stay fit and healthy. But actually, walking is much better for you than you realize.

Getting some fresh air and moving your body is always healthy. That’s why it’s great if you can try to go for a walk at least once every day.

Just make sure you stay away from other people and practice social distancing rules.

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3. How to Stop Aching in the Mornings?

When you wake up in the mornings, you might feel even more achy than normal. That’s why it’s important to keep yourself flexible.

You need to make sure you’re carrying out proper stretches to keep your muscles and joints healthy. 

You could do a yoga YouTube video to make sure you’re doing the poses right. Just doing a minute or two of stretches is enough to enjoy the benefits. 

How Should I Be Exercising During Quarantine?

Just because you’ve been told to stay at home from work, that doesn’t mean you should avoid physical activity altogether.

You need to keep up your daily exercises even if you’re feeling sick. From going for a walk around your neighborhood to doing some yoga, there are many ways to keep exercising during quarantine.

Do you want to know more about how to keep working out under lockdown? Discover more on our blog!