6 Easy Tips On Mobile App Design

6 Easy Tips On Mobile App Design

Mobile applications design has become a very important factor in recent years for at least two reasons: firstly, the number of smartphone users has increased and, secondly, Google’s algorithm is suitable for mobile devices.

Developing the design of a mobile application is not an easy task. This assignment requires the attention and focus of both stakeholders and designers. In this article, we will look at six tips that Fireart experts always consider when developing their own mobile application.

1. Research.

The first step in design development begins with research. Research involves getting information from a variety of sources, such as product owners, market environment, technology, competition, your users. Good investigation ensures that the developed application can be used and implemented.

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2. Focusing on the basics. 

Here’s what to focus on:

 1. The accommodation and navigation. The modules that need to be placed first and those that might be hidden will become apparent during the investigation phase.

 2. Optimization for devices and screen sizes. Due to the wide range of screen sizes, designers always strive for consistency in user interface elements. It’s worth starting with a small screen and then designing for larger spaces.

 3. Giving feedback At each stage, the user must be aware of the current process. Using simple methods of microinteraction will help you inform users in time.

4. One task, one screen. The limited space on smartphone screens is worth considering. Therefore, applications should be designed for the smallest screen size. It is desirable that the main screen be for one key action of value to the person using it. This allows users to use the applications comfortably and they can easily adapt to the design. It is desirable that each main screen facilitate only one key action that is of real value to the person using it. This practice makes users feel comfortable and can easily adapt to the design. This gives the designer space to add or expand when needed.

3. Practical position. 

You need to provide users with a specific number of tasks with one hand in less than 60 seconds. Another important tip is to design the flow in the thumb area. Negative items should be placed in a hard-to-reach area if you don’t want users to accidentally click on them. Frequently used controls and common actions should be located in an easily accessible area so that users can easily complete tasks.

4. Design with signs and opportunities.

Capabilities are critical when developing an easy-to-use application and an intuitive application. The concept of affordances will help you fully understand the relationship between technology and the human mind. Blue underlined text means that clicking on it will take you to a different location. Use pointers correctly so they don’t have to think about what each UI element does.

5. It is necessary to adhere to the principles of the user interface.

User interface principles should always be central to your design, as only with them will you be closer to developing a great functional mobile application interface.

6. Easy-to-read text.

Mobile devices don’t have a lot of space, and you don’t have to try to provide a lot of information. The text must be at least 11 points in size so that it can be read at normal viewing distance without magnification. In addition, you should make abundant use of white space and experiment with type to help users improve readability.

In addition to the above, there are many factors that should be taken into account when developing a mobile application, and they cannot be collected into several points. But all the above points are adhered to by experts from the leading company Fireart and thanks to this they guarantee that the design will be suitable for use and implementation.

In the field of mobile application design, experienced specialists offer a wide range of services of mobile app design by Fireart. We go through all the stages, starting with initial research to prototyping and delivery of the final product.

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