How To Provide Your Attendees With Unique Event Experience

How To Provide Your Attendees With Unique Event Experience

The way we engage with events has changed drastically over the past few years. The majority of people are no longer attending events just to see and be seen, but are instead looking for an experience. In order to keep up with this changing trend, event organizers need to provide their attendees with unique experiences that will help them feel valued and engaged throughout their time at your event. Here are some tips on how you can provide your attendees with a truly unique experience at your next event:

Build An Interactive Social Media Strategy

As an event planner, you probably have a website and/or social media accounts for your brand. But what if those channels could be used to engage with attendees in a new way?

By building an interactive social media strategy around your event, you can create more opportunities for people to connect with each other before, during and after their experience at the conference or convention center. Social media is also a great tool for promoting events, and getting feedback from attendees about what worked well (and what didn’t).

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Get The Most Out Of Your Content

Now that you’ve put together a great program, it’s time to get the most out of your content.

The best way to do this is by using it as an opportunity to engage with attendees and promote your event, brand and speakers. There are plenty of ways that you can use content at an event:

  • Promote other events (you could encourage people who attend one of your events to register for another)
  • Feature sponsors in presentations or on screens during breaks
  • Use photos from previous conferences as part of social media posts about upcoming ones

Create A Unique Hashtag For Your Event

If you want to give your attendees a unique experience, create a hashtag for your event. A hashtag is simply a word or phrase preceded by the # symbol. It allows people who are interested in the same topic to find each other through social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, email messages or even text messages.

You can encourage attendees to use this hashtag by including it on promotional materials such as flyers and posters at the venue itself. You can also include it on all printed materials such as tickets and brochures so that everyone will know how they can connect with each other while they’re at the conference!

Use Visual Content Tools And Tools That Allow You To Incorporate Real-Time Interaction Into Your Event

Visual content tools and real-time interaction tools are two of the most powerful ways to provide your event attendees with a unique experience.

Visual content tools allow you to incorporate real-time interaction into your event in a way that’s engaging, memorable and effective. For example, one type of visual content tool is a social wall, where attendees can post photos from the event or share information about what they’re doing at the conference by typing on an interactive screen that displays all posts in real time. This allows everyone at an event to see what others are saying about it, creating more opportunity for engagement among attendees than would otherwise be possible if people were simply talking among themselves or posting on their own social media accounts (which could take days before anyone else saw them).

Pay Attention To The Importance Of Video In Today’s Industry Events

Video is the best way to share an experience, and it’s becoming more important in today’s industry events. Attendees are looking to learn as much as they can by interacting with your speaker, but video allows them to feel like they were there.

Video can be used in two main ways:

  • To promote your event – Having videos of previous speakers or attendees talking about their experiences at the event will help build excitement among potential new attendees who want to get an idea of what it would be like for them before making a decision on whether this is something worth attending (and also for existing attendees who want more content). You might even consider creating a YouTube channel specifically for sharing these types of videos with others!
  • Create unique experiences – You don’t need the fancy equipment or editing skills; all you need is an iPhone! By simply holding up your phone while speaking with someone during breaks between sessions or meals can create great memories that will last long after people have left the conference room floor.”

And Last But Not Least – Don’t Forget To Provide An Awesome Post-Event Experience!

There are many ways you can do this. You could, for example:

  • Allow attendees to share their experiences on social media and through email with others who were unable to attend.
  • Provide them with information about your company and its products/services so that they can learn more about what you offer in the future.
  • Connect with other attendees by offering networking events or even just inviting them all out for drinks after the event ends (if there’s enough time).
  • Post-event surveys, sent via special event engagement tools, which will help you evaluate your event’s success and improve your future events.

These Tips Will Help You Provide Your Attendees With A Truly Unique Experience At Your Events

Whether you’re planning an intimate conference or a large-scale event, providing attendees with a truly unique experience is essential to creating memorable moments. Here are some tips on how to do just that:

  • Be authentic. Your event should reflect who you are as an organization and the values of those who attend it. If the people in your company are friendly and fun-loving, then make sure that comes through in everything from the way they speak on stage to what kind of activities they offer at breaks and after hours.
  • Give people something unexpected (but still useful). One way to do this is by including something unexpected–yet useful–in each attendee bag: maybe it’s a reusable water bottle or non-toxic hand sanitizer; maybe it’s even something like noise-canceling headphones, so attendees can focus better during sessions without being distracted by outside noises such as traffic sounds or conversations taking place nearby them


We hope this article has given you some ideas on how to make sure your events are memorable and engaging for attendees. From creating an interactive social media strategy to paying attention to video content, there are so many ways to engage people with your brand. And if all else fails, remember that it’s always good (and fun!) to have a little bit of competition involved in your event planning process!