13 Ideas On How To Use Infographics For Your School Announcements

13 Ideas On How To Use Infographics For Your School Announcements

If you are a teacher, then you know that your students live in the digital age. They have cell phones, tablets, and laptops to help them with their school work. And they can’t wait for new technology! But what does this mean for your announcements? How do you keep up with the times?

Infographics are one way to give your announcements a modern edge without spending too much time on them. They are visually compelling and offer more information at once than words alone could provide. Infographics go well beyond just teaching — they can be used as marketing tools or even fundraising efforts. If you want to learn how infographics can make an impact on your classroom, read on!

Here are 13 ideas on how to use infographics for your school announcements:

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1. Staying In Touch With Your Class

On the last day of every month, post an infographic that says “We Miss You!”  You can have students fill out a form and create their own graphics for this. Then ask teachers to vote on which message seems most appropriate for that month.

2. Remind Students About Exciting Events In The Future

Inform students about coming special events using infographics, such as school plays or guest speakers, and post them on a monthly basis. This is a great way to remind students of important dates. You can even include fun facts or trivia about the event to get them excited!

3. Sharing Student Work With Parents

Parents always love to see what their children are working on in school. Post an infographic of a student’s work on a subject that they are proud of, such as math or science. Not only will the parents be impressed, but other students will be motivated to excel in those areas as well.

4. Raising Funds For Classroom Supplies Or Activities

The best infographics can be a great way to inspire donors and fundraise for your school or classroom! Create a compelling graphic that the students will think is fun, then post it on social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and more. Include a link to a donation page where people can contribute.

5. Encouraging Good Behavior

Post a cool infographic that showcases good behavior by your students. This could be anything from perfect attendance to good grades in a particular subject. Celebrate the success of your class with a special graphic that will make them proud!

6. Showing Gratitude For Donations

If your school has recently received donations from a generous individual or organization, post an infographic to show your gratitude. This is a great way to say thank you and let the donors know how their money will be used.

7. Promoting School Spirit

Create a school spirit infographic that showcases the achievements of your team or club. This is a great way to get your classmates excited and proud to be a part of your group.

8. Highlighting Student Accomplishments

Post infographics that celebrate the accomplishments of individual students. This can include anything from winning an award to getting accepted into a prestigious college. Let your students know that you are proud of them!

9. Sharing Important News

When there is important news to share, post an infographic instead of a text-based announcement. This will help get the information across in an easy-to-understand way. Plus, it’s more visually appealing than a block of text.

10. Tracking Academic Progress

Create an infographic that shows the progress of your students over the course of a school year. This will help them see how they are doing and give them the motivation to keep working hard.

11. Offering Advice For College Applicants

If you are a teacher who helps students with their college applications, post an infographic with advice on how to write a great essay or what extracurricular activities look good on a resume.

12. Inspiring Students For The Future

Use infographics to show students what careers they could pursue with their current skills and interests. This is a great way to get them thinking about their future and set goals for themselves.

13. Celebrating Holidays And Special Occasions

Post infographics that commemorate holidays and special occasions. This could be anything from a graphic about Thanksgiving to one about Valentine’s Day. It’s a fun way to celebrate and get your classmates excited.

One great tip to make infographics interesting is to use Venngage — a free infographic maker that provides a vast display of infographic templates for everyone. Here are some infographic examples you wouldn’t want to miss!

Infographics are a great way to get information across in an easy-to-understand and visually appealing way. They can be used for anything from sharing important news, tracking academic progress, celebrating holidays or special occasions, encouraging good behavior, and more. With the help of Venngage infographics, you should have no problem coming up with creative announcements that will get your students’ attention. So what are you waiting for? Get creative and spread your announcement today!