Is American Consumer Panels Legit?

Is American Consumer Panels Legit

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re seeking ways to make legit money working from home.

The American Consumer Panels (ACP) claims to be the Promised Land for work at home job seekers. It claims to pay product testers a whopping $25 to $45 per hour, which is enough money to convince most work at home job seekers to look their way.

But is the ACP a goldmine for at home jobseekers as claimed? This post will help you make an informed decision. Keep reading!

American Consumer Panels – What It Entails

Every legit company has a clear objective. For the ACP (American Consumer Panels), the aim is to get members for product testing.

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But having a clear objective isn’t enough to brand a company legit. There’re other factors one needs to consider.

Information on the American Consumer Panels’ website indicates that it is into market research for other companies. They help new and existing brands hire suitable people for any product testing project that arises.

Besides product research for new and existing products, the ACP also claims to offer product development services.

Overall, there’re no red flags concerning the services the ACP claims to be offering. Other consumer research firms out there provide similar services.

The only question is, does the ACP offer product testing jobs to its members as promised, or are they only getting people to sign-up for selfish reasons? Your guess is as good as mine!

American Consumer Panels Owners – Who Are They?

A legit company can never be afraid of sharing information about its owners or employees. You can get their owners on the company’s website or via a simple Google search. And this helps in building customers’ or users’ confidence. Whenever questions or complaints arise, people would know who to ask.

On this note, we were disappointed with American Consumer Panels, a company that claims to have top brands in its book.

On the ACP’s privacy policy, Innovation Consulting LLC, in Cheyenne, Wyoming, appeared to be the owner of the website.

Unfortunately, a simple search about Innovation Consulting LLC ended in futility. There was no useful information about the company, such as owners, employees, or contact information. This was a big concern and a red flag.

Companies Using American Consumer Panels

The ACP claims to be running a product performance and testing platform for a list of reputable companies, which is quite impressive.

However, there were no means of getting the listed companies to clarify their relationship with the American Consumers Panel. Thus, it is evident that the ACP was using it as bait to get desperate product testers to sign-up.

Below are some of the acclaimed sites that are using the American Consumer Panel.

  • Nespresso
  • Breville
  • Fisher-price
  • KitchenAid
  • VonShef
  • HTC
  • Fitbit

The list goes on and on.

These companies do exist. But as earlier said, there was no sign that they are using American Consumer Panels, even on their website.

American Consumer Panels – How Does It Work

Looking at how the ACP works, anyone that’s desperately seeking an in-house product testing job will join without thinking twice.

You’ll find on American Consumer Panels’ page that they offer product testers 15 to 20 guaranteed hours of work per week, which is too good to be true, given how much they claim to pay per hour. Another red flag spotted.

You also do not require any experience to join the ACP and become a product tester. All you need is a high school diploma and excellent communication skills. Other requirements are stated on their website.

Testers must be citizens of the United States of America and be 18 years or older.

How the ACP works is simple. They send one or more products to you. Then you have to use and review the products. You also need to follow specific instructions on product handling and review.

Daily schedules that may accompany some of the products sent to members by American Consumer Panels include;

  • Unpacking products
  • Read and follow instructions
  • Provide online feedback on product
  • Create videos or take pictures of products under review while at home.
  • Using the product during the product testing phase

According to American Consumer Panels, product testers are expected to document products’ in-house usage, during the product testing period.

In this case, you have to take pictures, write reviews, videos, and provide audio reviews. The American Consumer Panel may have you perform other tasks, as claimed. But you’ll get paid for every hour you spend working on the assignments. That’s according to the company, not a fact.

American Consumer Panels Amount And Mode Of Payment 

Let’s set the record straight; the American Consumer Panels’ testing jobs are part-time positions. They are not full-time or could transit into full-time positions.

The ACP may posts full-time job opportunities on its website most times. It’s what they have started doing. They double as a market research and job site.

Furthermore, the American Consumer Panels stated that testers could earn as much as $25 to $45 per hour, which could vary from one project to another.

There’s also no guarantee that every verified member would get jobs week in, week out. No review site, including the ACP, can guarantee this.

The ACP guarantees that members who participate in product testing could get 15 to 20 hours of work per week.

This means if you work for 15 hours per week and earn $25 per hour, you will receive $375. If the product testing lasts for a month (4 weeks), you’ll be $1500 richer.

The fact that you could earn such an amount or even higher for a task that doesn’t require job experience sounds fantastic. However, we are yet to find testimonies or confirmation of those who got paid by American Consumer Panels.

According to American Consumer Panels, their mode of payment is simple. They provide two options, direct deposit or via check. Payment is also made the week after you complete your assignment.

American Consumer Panels Sign-Up Process

Anyone can join the American Consumer Panels, as long as you’re an American and 18 years or over.

You can visit the company’s official website to sign-up. And ensure you provide your real address and email.

Remember, product testing involves taking delivery of physical products and writing reviews after product usage. So if you provide a wrong address, the product won’t get to you.

Once you finish signing up at the American Consumer Panels website, you’ll then be directed to sign up with their partner survey sites.

You could be asked to join one or two survey sites. And according to the ACP, the aim is to capture members’ demographic data to help decide what product is suitable for each member.

If your demographic data matches a product that requires testing, then the ACP will contact and instruct you on ways to carry out the product testing task.

American Consumer Panels Scam Or Legit?

The opportunities offered by the American Consumer Panels are enormous. Imagine making as much as $1500 per week, working from home.

Unfortunately, we cannot recommend this company.

However, we would undoubtedly change our stand once if when we can confirm that the company has started living up to expectations.

For now, we cannot recommend joining American Consumer Panels to anyone.

Why? Numerous red flags! That’s one of the reasons.

The complaints from those who have signed up at American Consumer Panel are the same. They were never hired or paid a dime.

On the ACP website, the platform claims to be FTC Guardian verified.

The FTC is the abbreviation for the Federal Trade Commission, which we all know to be a reputable body. Nevertheless, being FTC Guardian certified doesn’t mean the ACP is legit.

After signing up with the ACP, members complain of not only getting scammed by not receiving a single task. Their emails got bombarded with messages from third party sites, from time to time.

The ACP is an affiliate to these third-party sites and earns commission whenever a member signs up.

Is Product Testing Job Real?

Many individuals may have given up hope on product testing jobs after bad experiences with product testing platforms like the American Consumer Panels.

But the truth is testing jobs are real. You can also make good money from them.

Most marketing firms hire product testers for firms launching new products. As always, your job will be to evaluate and review these products before they are sold to consumers.

The exciting thing about being a product tester is not just getting your paycheck. It’s the fact that you get to try out new products before others do.

Again, after testing products, you also get to keep them.


American Consumer Panel is not a legit platform. It has too many red flags. Those interested in joining this company should thread carefully. It’s free to sign up, but you may start receiving tons of emails from third party sites. Again, most of these third-party sites are not reputable. So anything can happen.

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