Is Caribbean A Good Choice For Md After Your MBBS

Is Caribbean A Good Choice For Md After Your MBBS

The journey toward becoming a licensed medical physician begins with years of studies and hard work. Most medical students who have done their MBBS, start pursuing a specialization in an area of preference. 

At this stage, they choose to go for an MD course that will help them gain expertise in their areas of interest. A clinical medicine MD program from a reputed medical school is a necessary step towards acquiring specialization in any area of medicine- anesthesia, community medicine, forensic medicine or more. 

The Caribbean medical schools are an excellent choice for aspiring physicians who are keen to get high-quality education from a reputed medical college at an affordable price. Many graduates from the Island medical schools are practising medicine at U.S. hospitals and here are some reasons why the Caribbean is an ideal place to pursue an MD. 

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Caribbean Make Admission A Convenient Experience 

The U.S. medical schools are very popular but getting admission into one is extremely difficult. Many medical students with excellent academic records are unable to get a slot in the U.S. due to heavy competition. 

According to Princeton Review, only 1,622 applicants out of a total of 52,777 were accepted in American medical schools in 2019. This means the overall acceptance rate is less than 50%.

 Caribbean medical schools have devised an admission procedure that benefits all deserving candidates where they holistically assess each candidate. So, even if you have not obtained above-average grades, you are still given a chance to show your strengths and passion for medicine in the interview round. 

Quality Education 

Becoming a doctor is not easy financially as well given how expensive an MD program is. Add to that the living cost and other expenditures which are very costly in the U.S. This factor also makes the Caribbean an excellent option as medical schools on the Island are in comparison more affordable. 

Despite being cost-effective, the education offered at the Caribbean medical school is at par with U.S. medical schools. The curriculum is diverse and taught by expert faculty who have years of experience. Along with this, students get residency opportunities and clinical training which allows them to have a flourishing career ahead. 

Many graduates of Caribbean medical school get residency in U.S. hospitals and many are absorbed for a full-time roles. Another advantage that many reputed medical schools in the Caribbean offer is a high first-time USMLE-1 pass rate. 

Excellent Learning Environment

When it comes to finding the right medical school in the Caribbean, you have to study the background of each. There are some remarkable medical schools on the island that are accredited and have a high number of graduates who are doing professionally well

Most importantly, they offer students an excellent learning environment which includes a small class size and a good student-to-faculty ratio. This impacts the learning process as each student has frequent access to faculty members and can conveniently discuss any doubts or curriculum-related concerns. 

Faculty members are also able to give individual attention and can monitor the progress of each student easily. All these factors make the Caribbean medical schools an excellent option for students who have completed their MBBS and are looking to enrol in an MD program.