7 Steps To Take After An Accident In Public

7 Steps To Take After An Accident In Public

Accidents may happen anytime, and they may get ugly sometimes. Once you’re involved in an accident in public, you’ll experience mixed emotions, uncertainties, and confusion, making it hard for you to take immediate action.

So, with the possibility of getting into accidents, you must always be ready for the worst and be prepared to act fast to reduce any possible damage. Below are some of the steps you can take after an accident in public:

1. Ensure Your Safety And Check For Injuries

After an accident, your main priority should be your safety. With this in mind, check your body for injuries or that of other people who are also involved in the accident. In case of life-threatening injuries, call an ambulance first. If you’re conscious, and you know first aid measures, apply them to your injuries until medical help arrives. Other injuries can become permanent with just one wrong move. So, you should be extra careful with your injuries.

2. Preserve The Scene

If possible, make sure to preserve the accident scene. If you’re involved in a car accident, don’t move the cars or never let anybody tamper with the scene. It’s crucial to leave everything as is for insurance procedures and police investigation. This is especially true if you want to file a workers’ compensation claim. To know more information about workers’ compensation for temporary workers, visit this website.

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3. Collect Evidence

Collect any possible evidence at the accident scene. This task may include taking photos of the scene, exchanging information with other individuals involved in the accident, and taking some witness reports.

4. Get An Overall Medical Checkup

Even if you think you don’t have injuries, they may go unnoticed for days after your accident. For this reason, it’s still essential to get a medical checkup. It’ll also serve as evidence in case of serious injuries. But, choose a workers’ comp doctor to get the best possible results if you’ll file a workers’ compensation claim. A medical report will also be necessary once you decide to file a claim or a lawsuit against the other party.

5. Contact The Police

You must call the police to the accident scene, even if you don’t have serious injuries. It can help you increase your claim’s credibility because the police officers are unbiased. Moreover, other insurance providers may deny you coverage unless there’s a police report regarding the accident.

6. Reach Out To Your Lawyer

You’ll need a lawyer to help you deal with the damage you’ve incurred after an accident. With an experienced lawyer, you can be assured that your case will be evaluated properly, and you’ll be able to get the compensation you’re entitled to. Also, a lawyer may help in documenting the accident damage for you.

7. Call Your Insurance Company

Regardless if you’re at fault or the accident happened because of someone else’s negligence, it’s best to call your insurance provider. It can also help provide your lawyer with helpful information regarding the other people involved and the insurance they might have.

However, when talking to your insurance provider, it’s best to give them basic information first. If you’ll let your lawyer help with your case, never give a recorded statement because insurance providers may use it against you. When it happens, you’ll never get the settlement or compensation you deserve.


Being involved in any type of accident in public is never easy. So, keep the above steps in mind for you to know what you should do immediately. Such steps can also make a difference in filing a claim and getting the justice you deserve, whether or not you’re at fault.