6 London Pubs To Be At On A Premier League Match Day

6 London Pubs To Be At On A Premier League Match Day

The Premier League is best enjoyed at the pubs in England. Pubs screening football games has now become a culture in the UK. And London, at present, is the heart of this culture.

London’s pub scene is very vibrant with over 3000 pubs. With so many options at your disposal, which one should you visit to enjoy some Premier League action? Keep reading to find out. 

#1 The Dugout – Belushi’s Sports Bar

A short walk from London Bridge, The Dugout is a popular and spacious sports bar. It has a cozy feel with rock & roll decor hanging from its walls and ceilings. There are two bars, a decent-sized stage, and a few rooms for private events. Most importantly, The Dugout has 4K ultra HD screens and projectors that make the viewing experience all the more amazing.

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Apart from the Premier League, you can also enjoy American football, basketball, tennis, cricket, and even Formula 1. 

#2 The Temperance

The Temperance has a modern interior. It looks sporty and stylish, but also has a splash dash of vintage artifacts. Located beside the Putney Bridge, the pub provides a homely and ambient environment for football fans to enjoy the Premier League. It has high-end plasma screen TVs that broadcast the games every week. 

The private booths at The Temperance are perfect for enjoying a Saturday night game with your closest friends. You can settle down comfortably in these booths, order a few drinks and some light snacks, and enjoy the beautiful game with your mates.

#3 FEST Camden

FEST Camden is more than just a pub. It is a multipurpose space that hosts everything from cozy movie nights to thrilling sports parties. The outdoor screen, alongside the pizzas and beers, make FEST Camden a must-visit outdoor pub if you are a sports fan. The one thing you need to be aware of though when visiting this pub is the London weather.

The weather in London can be very unpredictable. Your typical United Kingdom weather is usually overcast, with light to moderate rain falling throughout the day. Being outdoors at a time like this might give you a cold. So before heading out to FEST at Camden, do check the weather forecast for London. Take a jacket with you in case the weather is cold, windy, or even breezy. 

#4 Chelsea Potter

As the name suggests, the Chelsea Potter pub is a place for Chelsea fans to enjoy their club’s matches on the big screen. It is a pub with a traditional look and serves some of the finest ales and beers in England. Alongside the drinks, you can also enjoy some good food including fish and chips, prime cut burgers, and many other classic English pub meals.

During the games, you will find yourself surrounded by swarms of Chelsea fans at the pub. They have many large screens for showing the matches, all of which come from a Sky Sports feed.

The crowd at the Chelsea Potter gets quite large on derby days. However, the environment is superb, and as a Chelsea fan, you cannot miss out on this experience.

#5 Moretown Belle

When you first enter, Moretown Belle will look like a very fancy and posh bar. It has a beautiful counter, well-decorated ceilings, and a classy seating arrangement. However, during the Premier League weekends, the entire atmosphere of the pub changes.

Moretown Belle has not two or three, but more than thirty ultra HD screens. Apart from the Premier League action, guests can also enjoy other major sporting event screenings at the pub. 

While you can get your usual beer and ale at Moretown Belle, you will enjoy their wine and pub classic meals even more. The cozy environment inside the pub makes you want to sit back with your wine, have some fish and chips, and enjoy the best football the Premier League has to offer.

#6 Gunners Pub 

The Gunners Pub is an oasis for Arsenal fans. Whatever the situation is, and no matter whether it is raining or snowing, the pub never fails to screen an Arsenal game. On matchday, you will have to come at least an hour early to the pub to find a seat. Once the match starts, there is hardly any left. However, fans do not mind watching the game standing. After all, most of them go to the Gunners Pub for its lively matchday environment.

The pub also has Arsenal memorabilia that dates back to the 1930s. And while you might not find the food there to be too fancy, you will surely enjoy the connection it has to Arsenal Football Club.

So the next time you are in London and want to enjoy a Premier League match screening, head down to one of these pubs. And as long as COVID is causing havoc, make sure to adhere to the latest pandemic guidelines.