A Luxurious Makeover For Your Car Below $1,000

A Luxurious Makeover For Your Car Below $1,000

Whether your car has been around since the ancient MySpace era or even during the floppy disk generation, you should not undermine its capability to offer you a wonderful and luxurious ride comparable to those modern luxury cars out in the market. From some of the most sought-after high-tech features to the trendiest car interior upgrades, this list recommends eight types of car upgrades that will boost your driving experience without breaking your wallet.

Tidy up your interior with a new carpet

Price: $300 onwards

If your car has been with you for quite some time, it might be time for a new carpet from simplycarmats.co.uk. No cleaning can justify the amount of dust, dirt, dead skin, mucus, and many other unimaginable things lodged within the old carpet. Replacing it with a fresh, new carpet will not only give your car a nicer look and feel but its cleanliness won’t make you feel like you need to take a shower anymore after getting out of the car. Replacement of the carpet can be done either by yourself or an auto trim specialist to get the job done. With a wrench in your hands, the process is a relatively easy process that can be completed within an afternoon. Since carpets are not costly in nature (around S$300), if you are able to replace them yourself, you can easily spare yourself a couple of hundred dollars in the process.

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Upgrade your tech with apple carplay

Price: $500 onwards

Say goodbye to your car’s stereo and replace it with the latest Apple CarPlay! This apple innovation can be a real game-changer to your car with its built-in Bluetooth connectivity, audio streaming services, maps for navigation, along many other features that an iPhone can possibly offer. With CarPlay, it ensures your safety as you enjoy these services while driving. The best part? You can attain this seamless experience for under $500. This leaves plenty of money for you to improve and upgrade your car’s audio system at the same time.

Transform your car with a custom vinyl wrap

Price: $500 onwards, depending on the size of the car

Did you really have a makeover if your car didn’t go through a drastic change in appearance? Truth be told, a good paint job at the shop sounds attractive but the cost it incurs is certainly not. However, the expensive cost of painting service should not be an excuse to justify a poorly maintained car. Instead, if you are keen on spending a weekend in the garage for some hands-on activity, you can simply get yourself a top-notch vinyl wrap and that will do the job. Besides its affordable price (definitely under $1000), you will have a plethora of vinyl designs to choose from. So the entire vehicle’s design from its color finishes until its textures will be entirely up to you and your creative freedom to decide.

Drive safe with a collision-avoidance system

Price: $850

You don’t need to own a brand-new car to be equipped with the latest accident avoidance warning system. The Mobileye-560 is a whole package on its own – from lane departure alerts to pedestrian detection, while costing below $1,000. Did you know? The Mobileye-560 is created by the very same company that designs collision avoidance systems for car manufacturing firms.

Give your seats an upgrade

Price: From $700 per pair

Having a seat that holds you in your place while driving long trips is just as important as making it comfortable. The constant readjusting on your seat every single journey causes fatigue to accumulate and eventually take a toll on your body over the long run. Generally, seat options come in a diverse selection of designs and colors to your liking while the prices can vary from a couple hundred to a few thousand each. But if you shop around long enough, you are sure to find the perfect seat that fits both your car and your budget.

Enjoy the comfortable silence with sound deadening material

Price: $200 onwards

A sound-deadening material refers to the heavy, dense mat that is placed on the floor, below carpets, under the roof, or even on the doors. Placing these mats in your car not only helps to make your car whisper quiet like the new Mercedes, but is also an effective temperature regulator too.

Buzz up your ride up with new shocks

Price: $600 for most cases, depending on the car

Shock absorbers, also commonly referred to as shock, tend to be overlooked in the pursuit of bettering his cars. But having a good set of shocks can revolutionize your ride whether or not your interest lies in upgrading the car’s performance. Depending on the type of car you drive, brace yourself to spend a few hundred on a really good set online or at your local parts store. Just like the previous ideas, DIY enthusiasts are welcomed to take charge to change the shocks by themselves. However, if you are uncomfortable changing them by yourself, do consider taking them to a shop as it shouldn’t take too long to do it – and you will be able to notice a significant difference!

Get rid of squeaks for a smoother ride with new bushings

Price: from $50 to $100, though the price may vary

This idea may sound boring compared to the previously stated upgrade ideas, but it is just as important as they are. This upgrade is especially for those whose car has been with them for ages because these vehicles are the ones that tend to have a worn bushing. Bushings are meant to mute the vibrations produced by the engine, transmission, along with the car’s interaction with the road. So the annoying squeaks that you hear during your drive are the result of worn bushing not functioning properly. With the assumption that everything else is in good condition, perhaps a fresh bushing can help to make your car feel like new again. Unfortunately, it is not recommended for you to replace the bushing and it is encouraged to seek assistance from a professional mechanic. However, it will be wise to keep the labor cost in mind when you are determining how extensive you intend to go with the bushing.


So that’s it for the potential car upgrade ideas that are all below $1,000 for you to bring your car into the next century and beyond.