Comparison Between LA And NYC: Where Should You Move To?

Comparison Between LA And NYC

There has always been beef between Los Angeles and New York City for which one is better and cheaper to live in. The comparison between both the coastal cities is tough and the conclusion can be racial. The best truck rental companies state that when it comes to the particular point where they are compared on the basis that which city is cheaper to live in, that is where it becomes tricky to select one as both of them got different pros. 

Still, we can look at some aspects through which you can take an equitable decision. If you’re planning to visit New York City and looking for some fun activities to do, don’t forget to check out this website offering cheap Mets tickets. Also, for those interested in exploring beyond the city, consider taking one of the Boston day trips from NYC listed here.


Weather conditions of a city can be a deciding factor for many people for settling in a particular city or for comparison. New York is a city that has cold winters which also conceive snowfall and hot summers Whereas Los Angeles is located on water which means it has a warm climate throughout the year with rare snowfalls sometimes. People who don’t like the warm climates throughout the year should surely not go for Los Angeles and rather choose New York. 

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Public Transport And Convenience 

New York is a City with enormous sprawl and most of the daily needs like grocery or pharmacy can be fulfilled easily as stores of this kind are located within the vicinity of every area and you need not require any vehicle to reach there but in the case of Los Angeles where stores of Daily need are also like miles away and you might need to take your car out or even take a cab to fulfill them which further adds to your monthly expenses and these extra expenses might itch someone’s budget.

In New York hopping on to a bus or a metro is like a routine for people who are commuting daily. This public transport makes daily commute easy and convenient along while being cheaper than taking your vehicle to work, But in the case of Los Angeles this easy public transport is not available and a personal vehicle there is a necessity if you want to travel within your city.


Both of the cities have a great nightlife with small differences here and there. Bars and clubs are the most common form of people enjoying the nightlife in both these cities, but the house and rooftop parties are prevalent in LA due to the enormous size of houses there. Most of the time people of LA ditch going out and rather prefer house parties. Other than this both of the cities enjoy the after-hours and there is not much difference in their nightlife. 

Territory And Rent costs

In easy words, New York City is more expensive than LA in terms of rent or real estate prices. The difference here is not much significant but we can say that NYC is 25% costlier. It depends much more on the area which you choose to live in.

Like in Los Angeles, the Westside is expensive than the Eastside of LA and other parts whereas, in New York, Manhattan and Brooklyn are most expensive than the other parts of the city. 

For example, a 1-bedroom apartment on rent in LA might cost you around less than $2000 per month but in the case of New York, the same sized apartment might cost around $2500 per month.

If we talk of the general real estate pricing then both cities have more than $500 per square foot throughout cities. Per square foot prices in NYC range from $700 to $1000 where Manhattan is the costliest whereas in LA it ranges from $500 to $1500, here Beverly Hills is the most expensive area but in the overall case, if we see then LA might be still cheaper than NYC in per square foot cost.

Along with this if we compare the size of houses in both the cities then LA has fairly bigger houses than in NYC, mostly because of less population in LA.

Mainstream Costs 

If we had to sum it up in short then as calculations of living index analyzers then Los Angeles is fairly cheaper than NYC. When talked about even basic categories like grocery, rent, utilities, etc. are a little bit costlier in NYC, but where the comparison becomes tricky is when we compare the household incomes of both the cities.

On average NYC’s monthly household income is around $6000 which is fairly high as compared to LA’s $4500.

At the end of the day, both of the cities are fun and interesting to live in. You would fairly enjoy living in any of these cities and you surely should if you get a chance to. These comparisons are not the only way to consider any one of these cities and it is purely a personal call when choosing one out of these two. Wherever you choose to move to, you must be prepared to handle the change that comes with the move. The better you plan and prepare, the finer will be the results.