Alternative Ways To Spend Your Weekend Other Than Drinking 

Alternative Ways To Spend Your Weekend Other Than Drinking 

For a lot of people, there is no better time than the weekend. It is some time that you can just spend how you feel and can get a good break from work. However, there are a lot of ways that you can waste a weekend. A common way people spend their weekends is to go out and drink with friends. Although this in itself is not a waste of time, as you likely had a good time, it can ruin the next day. A hangover could leave you bedridden for the day, which will make the weekend seem all the shorter. Although this is fine to do every once in a while, this is not something you want to do every weekend. However, if it is something you are used to doing, you might not know what other ways you will spend the weekend. If this is the case, here are some other ways to spend the weekend.

Working Out And Being Healthy 

If you want to turn around how you are spending your weekend, try to become healthier on your days off. Drinking alcohol is not the best way to treat your body. Instead, you might want to work out and focus on being healthy during your time off. If you can get into the habit of working out every weekend, this will be beneficial to your physical and mental health. It might even discourage you from drinking alcohol in the future if you get invested in your fitness. You might also want to invest more time into eating healthier foods. You might also want to work on your cooking skills during your spare time on the weekend.


One of the worst things about going out and drinking regularly is that it costs a lot of money. Alcohol can be a sneaky way for you to lose your money, and you should be wary of that. With the money you are not spending on alcohol, you might want to invest it in cryptocurrency. You can get into trading quite easily by using the likes of ETH to USD converter at OKX. You can invest a lot of time into this, so you don’t have to worry about being bored.

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Sober Hangouts 

There is no reason why you can only hang out with your friends at the weekend in a bar. You might want to look at some sober alternatives to keep your social habits up. After all, there are plenty of options that do not involve alcohol. This could include the likes of going to see a movie, mini golf, bowling, etc. You might even find that your conversations have more substance and meaning when the effects of some alcohol do not influence you.


Remember when you were a young teenager, and all you wanted to do was go to the movies with your friends? Why not go back to that? It is an opportunity for you to get out of the house, and if you want to get dressed up for it, you can, meet your friends there, and watch a movie or two. You could even turn up and just watch whatever is on at that time rather than plan it for a more spontaneous experience.