Best Accessories For Men This Fall

Best Accessories For Men This Fall

Fall is officially here and while we may envision orange foliage on the ground, brisk weather, and refusing to ingest anything flavored with pumpkin spice; what may matter most is what we wear this season. For many, the apparent men’s fashion accessories for fall include beanies and boots, but it may be time to spruce up your autumn look with a shiny, yet subtle cuban link chain. With fall offering the best opportunity to dress your best, elevate your fit with these must-have men’s fall accessories.

The Timeless Mac Coat

The trench coat was a term coined by the military usage of the coat designed by Charles Mackintosh in 1824. The Mac Coat as it is most lovingly called is usually a woven, almost denim-like jacket that is also waterproof. While the original Mackintosh brand still exists selling this fall staple, other brands sell versions in different colors, styles, and at different price points. A good Mac coat should keep some of the elements at bay as it provides a layer of protection for that cashmere sweater underneath. The great thing about a Mac coat is its versatility, not only with various pockets to hold things but being able to also adapt to any style whether formal or casual. 

A Cuban Link Chain

Fall temperatures are cooler than summer but not as cold as winter, which means that your neck and shoulders are bound to be exposed, and what better way to dress up your neck than with a cuban link chain? A cuban link chain has interlocking oval rings that can either support a pendant or be worn on its own. Available in various lengths and widths, a cuban link chain can be tailored to your own look; big and bold to be flashy while worn on your sweater, or a slim profile necklace that sit beneath your shirt. The great thing about a cuban link chain is that it can be paired with other chains without overloading your neckline. If you want to shine a little brighter this fall try wearing a gold cuban link chain over your sweater and let it peak out of your tan-colored Mac coat.

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Men’s Bracelet

So you now have a cuban link chain, but what kind of jewelry do you wear on the rest of your body? Your wrist deserves attention too and the best way to bling it up is with a bracelet. Sure, a watch is a great accessory but that leaves the other side of your body in need of a cuban bracelet or a bangle. If you want to stand out a bit, a thick linked bracelet will do the job, but for that subtle touch, a bangle in whatever material you like best is a fashion statement those in the know will hear. Rope, cuff, leather, and chain bracelets can all look masculine while also being lowkey in a way that proves you’re not trying because the best accessories are the ones you always want to wear.


A ring or multiple rings can add texture to your otherwise bare hands. Too many rings may send the wrong message but one on each hand seems to be the perfect balance for those style points you may be seeking. Depending on the jewelry you may already have or the colors you’re wearing this fall, a ring can be highly customized to match without breaking the bank. For the classic look try silver and gold toned metals, you can modernize it by going with a stain finish or adding materials like wood or tungsten. It’s hard t go wrong with a ring but it’s safe to say that the thickness of the ring should match the overall size of your hand as to not overpower it as it peaks from your jacket.

White Sneakers

Earth tones dominate in the fall, along with darker colors and denim; a white sneaker breaks that all up. A white sneaker is fresh and timeless, it can be paired with jeans, khakis, joggers, or anything else you can manage to style yourself with. There aren’t too many rules to white sneakers other than to make sure they’re white, keep them clean, and buy something comfortable.

Sun Glasses

Don’t let the forecast fool you, lower temperatures do not correlate with a lack of UV exposure that can reach your eyes. While you may not try to tan in the fall, it is usually sunny enough in most places to need a pair of shades. Carry with you a pair of sunglasses that fit your look and face shape, the best way to ensure it’s the right look is to try them on in person. Classic sunglass profiles like the wayfarer, aviator, and notched bridge all offer an appealing look when the right colors are chosen, a tortoise frame and smoked lens are a sure win.