3 Ways To Boost Energy Naturally

3 Ways To Boost Energy Naturally

Life can get busy and most people know the feeling of looking at their weekly planner on Monday only to feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of things there are to do. While having a busy schedule can be a good thing, and there is nothing wrong with staying active, it can be challenging in the middle of busy seasons to feel like you have enough energy. Finding ways to stay energized throughout the day and cultivate energy throughout your week is something that takes time and effort to do.

Everyone has a unique body that responds differently to things like sleep, nutrition, exercise, and stress, and all of this is affected by and affects a person’s energy levels. When it comes to pursuing a person’s best health, finding ways to encourage and strengthen energy levels is always going to be a big part of that. A person’s natural energy levels are indicative of not only their weekly planner, but can be indicative of their overall health. 

If you have been looking for natural ways to boost your energy and get more out of your day, here are three things to consider. 

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1. Daily Journaling

If you have been looking for new ways of cultivating energy throughout the day in an effective way, then consider the benefits of daily journaling. When most people think of journaling, they may associate negative aspects of writing assignments, or essays with this discipline. The good news is that journaling doesn’t have to be intimidating or challenging. Instead, this practice looks different from person to person and can look like what you need it to look like.

For some people, this may be a legitimately large commitment every day. For others, it could be something that only happens a few times a week and is no more than a sentence or two at a time. The great thing about journaling is that no matter how unique it looks from person to person, it is thought to have some major health benefits

Journaling consistently is thought to help reduce stress, cultivate feelings of confidence as well as positively impact mood which could lead to renewed energy levels. If you have been looking for a new daily or weekly rhythm that could have a positive impact on your energy levels, try journaling.  

2. Water Enhancer

Water enhancers are supplements that are designed to help people get more water into their diet and provide them with the electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals that they need. The good thing about water enhancers is that most of them are extremely good for your personal health. Not only do they help you focus on drinking more water and staying hydrated, but they also bring necessary nutrients like electrolytes into your diet. 

When it comes to the question, is mio bad for you, the answer is not exactly cut and dry. While MiO’s caffeine and vitamin B energy water enhancer has a lot of benefits, the truth is it shouldn’t replace your water intake. Yes, MiO can help give you an energy boost from its caffeine and vitamin B content, however, it’s use of sugar and dye to achieve coloring makes it less desirable. 

The best time to use a water enhancer like MiO is when you are trying to stop drinking a certain unhealthy beverage. For example, if you find that you want to cut out soda, or even alcoholic drinks, MiO could be a great way of transitioning more water into your diet by using it as a substitute; however, it shouldn’t be added to every glass of water that you drink.

3. Limit Alcohol During The Week And Before Bed

Perhaps one of the best ways to help boost energy naturally, is by improving the quality of your sleep. Sleep is one of the most fundamental and important pillars of a healthy life style, and for many people sleep is something that doesn’t come easy. One of the downsides of enjoying an adult beverage is that alcohol can disrupt a person’s sleep cycle and keep them from experiencing a good quality REM sleep

Limiting your alcohol intake throughout the week, or during the evenings especially, can have a huge impact on the quality of your sleep. With better, deeper sleep you can expect naturally improved energy levels. 


Finding ways to naturally boost your energy may take some time and commitment, and will always involve some kind of learning curve. The benefit of improved energy levels, however, makes this level of effort well worth it. The most important thing to remember, is that natural, healthy energy takes time to build because it typically is correlated with a person’s overall health. 

Finding ways of getting better nutrition into your diet, quality sleep, as well as implementing healthy exercise all take time. So don’t get discouraged if the journey to finding natural energy takes some time to figure out because it’s well worth it!