7 Stylish Accessories You Need For Autumn 

7 Stylish Accessories You Need For Autumn 

As the final days of summer come to a close, and the cool, crisp autumn air sets in, the only thing that we can think about is fall fashion. While it may be bittersweet to retire your sundresses and bikinis, we promise that fall fashion for 2022 will make up for the loss of summer. It is always important that you shape your fall wardrobe around a few staple pieces that are high quality and will last you from year to year. But when it comes to following the trends, we are all about the accessories! Accessories are the perfect way to take your fall basics to the next level. If you are ready to start accessorizing for fall, here are seven stylish accessories you will need this autumn.

1. The Curvy Handbag

We all love a good black bag for fall. It is classic, timeless, and matches with just about any look. However, this fall we implore you to get creative with your black bag of choice. One of the major trends we have seen on the runways is the curvy handbag. This bag combines elements of a slouchy, oversized hobo bag with the structure of a small shoulder bag. If you have been sick of the micro-bag trends dominating the runways for the past few seasons, you need to pick up one of these fun and trendy curvy handbags. They will fit everything you need to carry and look great. This is one accessory we can’t get enough of.

2. Heart-Shaped Bags

In addition to curvy handbags, we have also seen heart-shaped bags on the runways this season. Chanel, Simone Rocha and Jil Sander have all shown this handbag style in their fashion shows. If you have been enjoying the micro-bag trends, this is a great way to keep wearing them into the fall season. Not to mention how perfect they will be for Valentine’s season just ahead of us. Invest in one of these adorable trendy bags to add playfulness to your look.

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3. Skater Shoes

Regarding shoe trends, sneakers aren’t going anywhere just yet. Chunky sneakers have been on trend for years now. Women have been able to dress them up and down more than ever before and we can’t get enough of it. This fall, skater style sneakers will dominate the fashion world. With Louis Vuitton and Stella McCartney getting in on the trend, fashionable sneakers are going to be a trend you won’t want to miss out on.

4. Platform Heels

Platform heels are in again for fall. We see chunky platform heels on boots, but more specifically on Mary-Janes. The classic Mary-Jane gets a fun and flirty spin-off with a sky-high chunky platform heel. These pair great with a pleated skirt. You’ll also love the length that they add to your legs. Not to mention how comfortable the wide heels and supportive strap make them.

5. Menswear Ties

If you were around the last time ties came into fashion for women, you are probably picturing the early 2000’s scene kid with brightly colored hair and an affinity for My Chemical Romance. This time, we are seeing ties for women with more business-leaning attire. Instead of hanging loosely around the neck ala Avril Lavine, we are now seeing ties worn more traditionally with a button up tucked into loose-fitting slacks.

6. Double Up on Belts

Another trend that we saw in the early 2000s is the double belt trend. Wearing more than one belt is back again but with more sophistication. The double belt trend accompanies the return of low-rise pants and skirts as this is typically how we see them be styled. This is an easy trend to hop in on as long as you have more then one belt on hand. Mix and match colors and styles for a complete look.

7. Bangles

Bangles are also one of the trends we are seeing come back after being on hiatus. If you partook in this trend the last time around, you probably remember wearing dozens of thin silver bangles that clinked together with every move. Now bangles are being worn in smaller stacks, are much chunkier and come in different materials.

Accessories For Autumn

Now that you’re in on all the latest fall accessory trends, it’s time to get shopping. Decide which trends you like and pick a few pieces you will wear for the season. Remember, when it comes to trends, they always come and go. Focus on investing in staple pieces first and trendy accessories second to build your perfect fall wardrobe.