Bongs For Beginners: How To Use A Bong

parts of a bong

If you’ve never seen someone use a water bong in person, or have only watched from a distance, you may be intimidated by this glass contraption. However, they’re fairly easy to use and are also extremely effective. To put it simply, a water bong is able to cool and filter smoke so that the inhalation is enjoyable and smooth.

By using a water bong, you’re utilizing one of the healthiest, smoothest, and cleanest ways to smoke. And they’re super easy to clean.

Are you interested in how bongs work and how to use one? Continue reading and we’ll walk you through everything you need to know.

Know the Parts of a Bong

The mouthpiece is the opening of the bong. It’s at the end of the tube where you’re going to put your mouth. 

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The chamber is where the smoke will gather and then be inhaled. Your bowl is what holds the herb you’re going to smoke. Some people call it a slide because you slide it in and out of the downstem. 

The downstem  is a small tube that connects the bottom of the bowl to the water in the bong. The smoke travels to the water by way of the downstem. 

These are the basic parts of the majority of bongs. Some are more complex and intricate. Like a bong made out of wood or a Dab Rig

Fill the Bong with Water

You should fill the bong with water until it barely covers the downstem. Then remove the bong’s downstem and fill the chamber with water. All of the holes in the downstem should be covered. 

It’s important to note that having more water in the bong won’t mean that you’ll have a better smoking experience. Your lungs have to exert effort when pulling air through the water. And more water just means your lungs are going to have to work harder. 

Add Ice to the Bong

Although adding ice isn’t necessary, it is highly recommended. Ice is going to make the smoke colder which will then be easier to inhale. You want to gently put some ice in your water-filled bong. Remove the downstem first so you don’t break the ice while dropping it in. 

Pack the Bowl

To pack the bowl, you’re first going to have to take it off the bong. You don’t want to accidentally knock over your bong while you’re trying to pack it. Make sure the bowl is clean and free of any residue. 

If it’s dirty and clogged up, you won’t be able to get any air through it. Blow on the bowl and check if you can feel air coming through to the other side. If the airflow is limited or nonexistent, get something pointy like a safety pin and remove any debris. 

Now, loosely pack your bowl with tobacco, marijuana, or other smoking material. If it’s packed too tightly, air won’t be able to pass through it. Ideally, you’ll get as much herb as possible in the bowl while still being able to get airflow. 

Place your bowl back into the bong’s downstem. 

Take a Hit

You want to hold the bong securely so it won’t fall over or drop onto the floor. You can grasp the bong around your neck and place the bottom of the device onto your lap. Always keep the bong on a flat surface when just starting out. 

Form a seal around the opening with your lips. Don’t wrap your lips around the mouthpiece. Instead, push them gently inside of the tube. 

You must make sure that you seal the entire opening with your mouth. 

Now, take your light and hold it up to the edge of the bowl. Do this while inhaling at the same time. As you inhale, you will be pulling the flame into the bowl. 

Once the bowl has caught the flame, remove the lighter but continue to inhale. You want to inhale slowly. You should only have to hold the lighter up to the bowl for around one second before it catches. 

With a deep breath, you’re going to inhale the smoke and remove the bowl at the same time you remove the bowl from the bong. The reason you remove the bowl is to allow fresh air into the device. This is going to push the smoke into your lungs. 

Once your lungs have filled with smoke, you want to immediately exhale. You’re not going to really get any benefits from keeping the smoke in your lungs. It’s just going to be uncomfortable. 

Before passing the bong over to a friend, you should first get rid of any remaining smoke. Blow through the device’s downstem to get any left-over smoke out of through the mouthpiece.

You should never breathe into the top of the bong. This can cause the water to bubble and flood the bowl, ruining its contents. 

If there’s only ash left in the bowl, you should clean it out. This is good bong etiquette to practice. 

It’s Important for Beginners to Know how to Use Bongs

If you’re someone who enjoys smoking, or just wants to better understand it, it’s important that you know how bongs work and how to use them. Knowing how to use one can help make you feel more confident amongst your peers. It also enables you to help out others who might be intimidated by bongs. 

Hopefully, after reading the above article, you can see that bongs are so scary after all. And in fact, when you think about all of the artistry involved in making them too, they’re actually pretty cool. 

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