How To Buy BTC With USD

How To Buy BTC With USD

One of the most common questions in recent times is how to buy Bitcoins with debit card for USD. Despite the unfriendly attitude of state regulators towards digital currencies, Bitcoin, along with the usual money or cards, is becoming a popular tool for paying for goods and services.

Bitcoin is the most known convertible virtual currency in the world. But where can you buy Bitcoins anonymously? For what currency? How to buy Bitcoins with credit card no verification instantly?

Well, you can buy Bitcoins in different ways. We will analyze the most popular and profitable one: 

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  • Trading exchange
  • Online exchanger
  • Payment system
  • p2p platform
  • One of the central banks

BTC coins are bought for USD and other national currencies. You can pay for the purchase with a Visa or Mastercard bank card, which everyone now has.

The trading exchange app is the most convenient and profitable way to buy Bitcoin with credit card. On the exchanges, the bulk of trading in digital currencies takes place. These online platforms act as an intermediary between buyers and sellers of cryptocurrencies.

Each exchange participant can replenish the internal account and participate in trading by offering other users to buy or sell a certain amount of currency at a certain price. Simply put, an exchange is a place where people trade. The exchange rate for a particular crypto asset is formed based on users’ agreement and is constantly changing. It depends on many factors.

It depends on your needs which exchange to choose to buy BTC with credit card and sell it. All crypto exchanges can be divided into two categories. Some provide the good opportunity to trade many different coins (from top-end to lesser-known ones) and hold them in the medium or long term. Among these platforms, Switchere stands out. It is distinguished by many traded pairs, a large trading volume, one of the best interfaces, and high security.

The second category of crypto exchanges provides a smaller selection of coins. Still, there are more trading opportunities:

  • Opening long and short positions;
  • Setting stop orders to limit losses;
  • Using leverage.

Such exchanges primarily focus on active traders, allowing them to trade both ways and increase profits through leverage.

How To Choose A Crypto Exchange To Buy BTC With Debit Card

We are listing the points you should definitely check before making your first trade in an exchange app:

  • Choice of cryptocurrencies. On many exchanges, you can buy only the most popular currencies. For example, you can buy Bitcoins with debit card no verification there. Others offer all cryptocurrencies that exist on the market.
  • Withdrawal of cryptocurrencies. On many exchanges, you can withdraw only well-known cryptocurrencies, and on other platforms, there are dozens of types of crypto coins and more varieties of fiat.
  • Possibility of input-output of fiat money. Some exchanges work only with cryptocurrencies, so you can’t withdraw and deposit fiat money.
  • Methods of input-output of funds. On some exchanges, money can only be withdrawn through a couple of payment systems, while others allow the possibility of a bank transfer or crediting from/to a card.
  • Different rates. An important aspect of the withdrawal conditions is the platform’s withdrawal fees. Of course, it is beneficial to the user that they are as low as possible. You will be surprised how much you can save. Rates often differ by 10% and sometimes higher.
  • User data. Some exchanges are limited to a standard email request. In contrast, others require you to go through a verification procedure, which may require scanned copies of your passport or other personal documents. It may take a long time.
  • Daily trading volumes. They may exceed $2 billion, while they don’t reach $10,000 on some platforms.
  • Account security. Sometimes it is enough to enter a password. But in some cases, you need to go through a complicated login procedure with confirmation of various data to buy cryptocurrency.

And the last thing is that you have to be careful visiting the cryptocurrency exchange website. Scammers often copy the official site and place it at an address different from the real site by only one letter. This scam is called phishing. It is a real threat. So, be careful. Otherwise, you will not return your money back!