How To Decide Which Car Best Suits You

How To Decide Which Car Best Suits You

A Car That Represents You

When it comes to getting yourself a car, you would definitely be thinking about which brand, style, or design would best represent your character or suit your style. Getting a new car is definitely not an easy feat as you have to purposefully deliberate on the many different options available to you in order to get yourself the best deal. Do also remember to get your lta road tax renewal.

In order to help you make a better decision, here are a few tips we have about the various body shapes of cars!


Crossovers are smaller than the regular SUVs (which we will share more about later on) and usually have a raised atop hatchback and sedan platforms. It is like a mix, or as its name suggests, a cross between the benefits of an SUV or a typical hatchback.

Crossovers are usually bought by individuals who are seeking the benefits and practicality of an SUV but don’t want to travel in a large vehicle or the additional consumption that an SUV uses. Crossovers are also great for people who are very active and constantly wishing to go on an adventure to the outdoors. If you’re a fan of road trips but don’t want the hassle of an SUV, this is the car for you.

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Crossovers are also very popular as they are easy to drive and give you that additional space with the hatch at the back of the car. The height of the seats also allows for there to be more ingress and egress for those with weak knees.

Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV)

An SUV is a great choice for owners who are looking for a car that offers great utility. The large size of the car allows for there to be more space within the interior. More space means more legroom, which equals more comfort. This is in addition to a rear hatch that makes the unloading and loading of items into the boot much easier.

If you are someone who is looking for a larger vehicle to feel safe in, the SUV is a good choice as it will help you to look bigger than other cars. This is especially beneficial if you are someone who is easily intimidated when on the roads. The height of the car is higher than usual which allows you to be able to see more too. Not only is the SUV great for spotting dangers while on the highway due to its height, but it also makes it useful when on uneven terrain.

Choosing an SUV that has a set of tyres with a good amount of sidewalls will help to prevent or reduce the chances of the rims being damaged or side skirting when too close to a curb.

Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV)

This car is designed for carrying more than four passengers at one time. MPV allows for easy ingress and egress even in the third row to provide you with ample leg space. If you have a child and need to install a child seat into the car, you could install sliding doors onto your MPV to give you maximum space to do so.

Not to mention, it has a unique drivetrain that uses fuel at a slower rate which makes it great for long drives while giving you a smooth journey too.

A quick tip, MPVs are no longer as popular as they once used to be. As such, its retail price has dropped. So make use of this opportunity to get yourself a sweet deal!


These bad boys come with a very deep boot that allows you to pack and hold many items. Getting a full-sized sedan will help to show off your character and style without rubbing people in the wrong way.

However, if you are not interested in spending too much on your car, you can also choose from the wide variety of sedans out there that may not cost as much, but look just as fancy.


The name of this type of car was derived from how its rear rooms swing upwards when opening. In doing so, it allows for there to be more space within the boot area.

Hatchbacks are quite popular as they can cater to a variety of customers’ needs, making it a very volatile choice. The hatchbacks are able to provide you with an ample amount of space within their interior for their footprint. Additionally, with the upward swinging function of the car that leads to there being more space within the boot, it is able to hold a good amount of luggage within the boot, if you would need more space, you could fold the rear bench to create more room to accommodate the items you would like to transport. The best news is that some of these hatchbacks are specifically made in a way that gives you more flexibility and handling.

There are many different options for you to choose from. If you are someone who is more into looks than practicality and utility, then we would suggest that you could opt for a Mini. A Mini is a mini cooper that comes with a distinct look and style. Choosing a mini means that you are picking fashion and lifestyle over its utility and convenience.

On the other hand, if you are someone who is looking for a hatchback with the best performance, then you could opt for cars such as the Renault Megane RS. If you need a party bus, you can simply get a party bus in Baltimore right away.


When it comes to choosing your very own car, it is good to consider the following things: what is its purpose and what is most important to you? Are you buying this car for the general aesthetic, for practical purposes, to transport items around, or for the family? Be sure to understand what the main function of this car would be to your lifestyle. Then consider the over aesthetic and design of the car. Always be sure to do your research as well as to seek professional advice before making your decision. Never let it be a haste one. Be it a sedan, hatchback, SUV, MPV, may you get the car that best suits you.