TradeMarkets Review – Innovation And Safety In One Platform [2022]

TradeMarkets Review - Innovation And Safety In One Platform

One crucial aspect of investing in cryptocurrencies is ensuring all investments stay safe. The best way to do this is by using reliable platforms and following strong security protocols. When working with digital assets, investors are more vulnerable to losing their money due to cyber-attacks and hackers.

This has happened repeatedly to several crypto trading platforms, which is why it is crucial to find one with an excellent reputation and high-security standards. This TradeMarkets review is meant to showcase all the benefits that traders can enjoy when using it.

Trademarkets At A Glance

TradeMarkets was created to make crypto trading much easier for all users. It features dozens of cryptocurrencies for traders to expand their portfolios as much as possible. Moreover, the platform can be used by downloading its app on Windows, Android, or iOS. Then, the trader must sign up and provide a legal document to verify their account.

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After doing this, traders can access all of TradeMarkets’s trading features and cryptocurrencies. However, to start trading, the user must fund the account via bank transfer, which has a daily limit of $10,000.

Is Your Cryptocurrency Safe with TradeMarkets?

This is one of the most important aspects of any brokerage platform, as it helps prevent any unnecessary losses. TradeMarkets features strong security protocols, as it makes sure every user is verified before allowing them to use the platform. Moreover, it is protected by its SSL encryption, which prevents all hackers and cybercriminals from accessing its users’ accounts.

TradeMarkets Fees

Most brokerage services earn money to stay sustainable through fees and pricing discrepancies found between cryptocurrencies. TradeMarkets works pretty much the same way. Still, its users must be aware of the following fees, as they need to consider them when creating their investing budget.

Withdrawal Fees

TradeMarkets charges fees when withdrawing money to an external wallet. However, the fee is going to depend on which token is being withdrawn, the current account balance, and regular blockchain fees. Therefore, traders must check all of these aspects before executing the trade.

Wire Transfer Fees

Although TradeMarkets doesn’t charge any extra fees for ACH transfers or cash deposits, it charges a $50 fee for all wire transfers.

TradeMarkets’s Innovative Features

TradeMarkets also offers several innovative features that make it much more advanced than other brokerage platforms. This is perfect for experienced traders who want to upgrade their trading business and become much more efficient.

Earn Rewards

The rewards feature consists in earning staking rewards by holding specific cryptocurrencies. Depending on the cryptocurrency, these rewards can go from earning an additional 5% to 12% each year, and they are paid every month.

Charts and Data

This feature allows traders to obtain important data about the current market trends and the behavior of their preferred cryptocurrencies. It gives them the necessary information to understand and analyze how their current investment strategies may play out.

Moreover, it allows them to create valuable charts and keep track of their investments. This translates into increased decision-making skills and better chances of developing good strategies. In addition, when an investor knows everything about the asset they invest in, they avoid feeling overwhelmed, which may cause them to act impulsively.

Referral Program

TradeMarkets features a fantastic referral program that users can benefit from. It consists in giving out a referral link to all of its users and rewarding them with $25 worth of BTC for each referee that registers and deposits at least $100 into the platform.

This is a fantastic way of helping friends and family members start their crypto journey while also earning extra money.

Check Out TradeMarkets

TradeMarkets excels at having strong security protocols and interesting exclusive features, which makes it a fantastic platform for experienced traders who have been looking for a brokerage service that offers more options than others on the market. However, any trader can try it out, as it has a highly intuitive and easy-to-use platform.

Anyone interested in trying out TradeMarkets can go directly to its website and check everything it offers.