What Year Does Alien Take Place?

What Year Does Alien Take Place

In a world where the search for the existence of extraterrestrial life is taken quite seriously, it becomes quite vital to investigate the origin of the concept in itself. As crazy as it sounds, it is not an entirely frivolous activity in itself. It should also be noted that the way we view the natural world and come up with questions in this regard will always be biased and influenced by our speculations and preconceptions. A better comprehension of these predispositions will certainly go a long way in helping us avoid certain errors. What year does Alien take place; we will investigate this and a few other questions in this article.

What year did alien originate?

The history behind our ideas regarding aliens is one thing that is quite fascinating on its own. Perhaps the earliest known examples regarding aliens date back to 200 AD which was written by Lucian of Samosata who was a practitioner of rhetoric Assyrian descent as well as satire writer. One of his works is a novel entitled Vera Historia which gives a detailed account of a trip to the moon as well as the multitudes of life that was discovered there. In his account, the lives discovered include birds made of grass, three-headed vultures and fleas that were the size of an elephant among other weird creatures.

As weird as this tale may seem, it is one of the earliest known instances where alien life was imagined. In the town of Roswell in New Mexico back in 1947 there was a report of the sighting of aliens when a flying object reportedly crash-landed on a field. A statement was initially released by the Roswell Army Air Field indicating that a disc had been recovered. A second statement indicated that it was an object from a weather balloon.

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The American Perception About Aliens

The apparent belief in Aliens has been a constant feature among Americans for a while. A poll conducted by a major news outlet to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Roswell incident indicated that about 80% of Americans believed that extraterrestrial life forms did exist. There have been thousands of purported UFO sightings too. Here is a breakdown of some of the notable sightings of alien life forms.

Project Blue Book Findings

Quite a number of the most popular alien claims can be traced to a certain project known as Project Blue Book. This was the name given to an American government program saddled with the responsibility of investigating reports of UFO sightings between 1948 and 1969. They had the onerous task of investigating 12,618 possible UFO sightings. They reported that 701 out of them remained classified as unidentified.

At the end of the project, it was concluded that No UFO reported and evaluated by the Air Force indicated any possibility of a threat to national security. It was also deduced by the program that unidentified sightings did not indicate extraterrestrial vehicles or advanced technology. The project would eventually be closed down in 1969 due to the inherent costs.

The Roswell town incident

The sleepy town of Roswell gained national prominence after a flying object crashed into a field. A flying disc was reportedly recovered by the Roswell army; however, a second release indicated that the object was gotten from a weather balloon. Some decades after, several Americans remain quite skeptical about the claims by the government that it was an ordinary weather balloon. A poll conducted indicated that about two-thirds of Americans believed that it was a UFO that crash-landed into the field. The town remains to date a notable destination for UFO enthusiasts.

The famous Area 51

Area 51 was long thought to be the place where the American government stored and hid the bodies of aliens along with UFOs. Several conspiracy theories have since evolved as a result of this site. It has also served as a point of reference in the pop-culture world and the concept was used in the movie Independence Day. However, in 2013, the CIA indicated via declassified documents that Area 51 was a military site that is located not too far from Las Vegas. Also, as against the popular belief that it was a hosting ground for alien life or UFOs, it was a testing ground for OXCART aerial surveillance programs and U-2. It was kept a secret so that the soviets do not gain access to information.

What Is The Affinity Of Aliens With Nuclear Weapons?

Back in 2010, some former American Air force personnel gave an account of the personal encounters they have with UFOs hovering over nuclear weapons facilities.  Some of them said the UFOs were seen hovering over nuclear missile silos in 1967 which lead to some problems at the base. According to former Air Force Captain Robert Salas, one of his guards gave him an account of a red glowing object which measured about 30 feet in diameter and hovered around the gate of the said facility.

The Phoenix Lights Incident

In March 1997, some residents of Arizona indicated that they had seen a large flying object in the sky close to Phoenix. Ten years later, former governor of Arizona gave an account of the event. According to him, he had seen a large delta-shaped craft move over Squaw Peak in Phoenix Arizona.  It was said that the object did not have any semblance with a manmade object. He also disputed the statement by the Air Force that it was high altitude flair.

A Few Reasons Why You May Want To Believe In UFOs

There are several reasons why you may want to consider taking the idea of aliens quite seriously. Here is a breakdown of a few of them.

The government virtually said so

Back in 2952, a CIA group known as the Psychological Strategy Board concluded that as far as UFOs were concerned, Americans were quite gullible. It, therefore, went on to encourage the debunking of possible sightings to affect the interest of the public regarding the unexplained phenomena. The government has, however, showed interest in alien-related matters after it acknowledged the existence of an Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program. Although not much is known regarding what the program discovered, a few things are worthy of mention. Five observations indicated some level of advanced physics.

The scientist’s point of view

These days, scientists are becoming increasingly more bullish about the possible existence of life. For instance, some decades ago we were not sure of the possible existence of planets outside of our solar system. However, these days, we are aware of over 3,000 planets out there. We also have become aware of the fact that almost all stars out there have at least one planet in its orbit.

There is also the possibility that we could find a planet out there that could share some semblance with the earth. Also, the improved understanding of biological concepts tells us that life can quickly evolve. We may see millions of years as a very long time, it is however just a blink of an eye on a cosmic scale. What this means is that if you blink too fast, you may miss the creation of something massive.

With the evolution of technology, chances are that one day we may be able to make contact with extraterrestrial beings. For instance, our optical telescopes are now able to probe further into space and search for new planets, the radio telescopes can help detect possible intelligent messages as well.

The asteroid that looks like a space ship

When a flying object nicknamed the first messenger was discovered, several UFO enthusiasts began making connections. Some of them went on to suggest that the rod-shaped object may be alien. They claim that the rods and flying saucers are some of the most popular shapes seen by witnesses of UFO sightings.  However, with the fact that the object is moving from our solar system, we may never know what it truly is.

There is also a belief that there is a massive Alien structure quite a distance from the earth. Back in 2015, astronomer Jason Wright indicated that light shifts that were been observed from a start newly discovered were difficult to explain. He suggested that the fluctuations may be as a result of some large objects moving in front of the star.

Final Word

The existence of Aliens is one subject matter that has always triggered debates from science enthusiasts. However, with the likes of Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Franklin Antonio, Yuri Milner, Paul Allen and likes showing great interest in Aliens and Alien life forms, we can rest assured that if they are out there, we will find them!

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