150 Hilarious Funny Jackbox Names To Make Your Next Game Session Even More Fun!

Jackbox games are a popular form of entertainment that allows friends and family to come together and have fun playing a variety of virtual games. These games can be played online, making it easy to connect with others from anywhere in the world. In addition to the fun and excitement of the games themselves, adding a funny Jackbox name can add an extra element of humor and enjoyment to the experience.

Choosing a funny Jackbox name can be a creative way to express your personality and sense of humor. From puns to pop culture references to silly combinations of words, there are many options to choose from. Whether you’re playing Quiplash, Fibbage, or any other Jackbox game, having a funny name can make the game even more enjoyable for you and your fellow players.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of 150 funny Jackbox names to inspire you for your next game session. Whether you want to use one of the pre-existing names on our list or create your own, we’ve also provided some tips on how to come up with a unique and amusing name. So, get ready to unleash your creativity, and let’s have some fun with funny Jackbox names!

Popular Games In The Jackbox Series

Two of the most popular games in the Jackbox series are Quiplash and Fibbage. Quiplash is a game that challenges players to come up with funny and creative answers to prompts. Once each player has submitted their answer, the other players vote on which answer they think is the funniest. The player with the most votes wins the round. In Fibbage, players are given a trivia question and must come up with a believable lie to trick the other players into selecting their answer. The goal is to get the other players to select your lie as the correct answer, while also trying to identify the true answer.

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Other Mini-Games In The Jackbox Series

In addition to Quiplash and Fibbage, there are a number of other mini-games in the Jackbox series. Drawful is a game where players are given a prompt and must draw their interpretation of the prompt. The other players then try to guess what the drawing represents. Tee K.O. is a game where players create t-shirt designs and then vote on their favorite designs. Fakin’ It is a game where one player is given a prompt and must try to blend in with the other players who have been given a different prompt. The other players must try to identify the player who is “faking it.”

Versatility Of Jackbox

One of the great things about Jackbox is its versatility. It can be played with just a few friends or with a large group of people. It’s also great for online play, as players can connect from all around the world. The ability to use personal devices to connect to the game allows for flexibility in terms of where and when the game can be played.

The Top 150 Funny Jackbox Names

  1. “GandalfTheGreen”
  2. “AragornTheAngry”
  3. “FrodoTheFoolish”
  4. “BilboBaggins”
  5. “SauronTheSilly”
  6. “JabbaTheHutt”
  7. “YodaBest”
  8. “DarthInvader”
  9. “LukeSkywalker”
  10. “PrincessPeachy”
  11. “MarioKartoon”
  12. “ZeldaFitzgerald”
  13. “LuigiLovesPizza”
  14. “DonkeyKongIsKing”
  15. “ToadallyAwesome”
  16. “BowserTheBoss”
  17. “KirbyCute”
  18. “SamusAran”
  19. “NessTheMess”
  20. “PikachuPal”
  21. “CharizardChampion”
  22. “BulbasaurBuddy”
  23. “SquirtleSquad”
  24. “MetroidMania”
  25. “CaptainFalcon”
  26. “JigglypuffPals”
  27. “GanondorfTheGreat”
  28. “PeachyKeen”
  29. “YoshiYum”
  30. “LinkLaser”
  31. “ShrekTheOgre”
  32. “FionaTheFierce”
  33. “DonkeyKongCountry”
  34. “PrincessDaisy”
  35. “WarioWare”
  36. “BowserJr.”
  37. “KirbyKrackle”
  38. “SamusAndFriends”
  39. “NessieTheNinja”
  40. “PikachuParty”
  41. “CharizardCruiser”
  42. “BulbasaurBloom”
  43. “SquirtleSquabble”
  44. “MetroidMissions”
  45. “CaptainCrunchy”
  46. “JigglypuffJokes”
  47. “GanondorfTheGracious”
  48. “PeachyPie”
  49. “YoshiYarn”
  50. “LinkLute”
  51. “ShrekTheShredder”
  52. “FionaTheFierceful”
  53. “DonkeyKongCountryClub”
  54. “PrincessDazzle”
  55. “WarioWonderland”
  56. “BowserTheBubbly”
  57. “KirbyKazoo”
  58. “SamusSmash”
  59. “NessieTheNifty”
  60. “PikachuPandemonium”
  61. “CharizardChampionChip”
  62. “BulbasaurBurgers”
  63. “SquirtleSurprise”
  64. “MetroidMadness”
  65. “CaptainCandy”
  66. “JigglypuffJive”
  67. “GanondorfTheGlorious”
  68. “PeachyPeaches”
  69. “YoshiYoyo”
  70. “LinkLuminous”
  71. “ShrekTheSneaky”
  72. “FionaTheFiesty”
  73. “DonkeyKongCountryCruise”
  74. “PrincessDrama”
  75. “WarioWacky”
  76. “BowserTheBenevolent”
  77. “KirbyKool”
  78. “SamusSavior”
  79. “NessieTheNinjaWarrior”
  80. “PikachuPalsParty”
  81. “CharizardChampionChallenge”
  82. “BulbasaurBuddies”
  83. “SquirtleSquash”
  84. “MetroidMayhem”
  85. “CaptainCarnival”
  86. “JigglypuffJester”
  87. “GanondorfTheGrand”
  88. “PeachyPerfection”
  89. “YoshiYummy”
  90. “LinkLegendary”
  91. “ShrekTheStinky”
  92. “FionaTheFearless”
  93. “DonkeyKongCountryClubhouse”
  94. “PrincessDaring”
  95. “WarioWhirlwind”
  96. “BowserTheBrawny”
  97. “KirbyKarnival”
  98. “SamusSquadron”
  99. “NessieTheNimble”
  100. “PikachuPalsParadise”
  101. “CharizardChampionChampion”
  102. “BulbasaurBuddha”
  103. “SquirtleSplash”
  104. “MetroidMystery”
  105. “CaptainCookie”
  106. “JigglypuffJamboree”
  107. “GanondorfTheGallant”
  108. “PeachyPeachy”
  109. “YoshiYippee”
  110. “LinkLionheart”
  111. “ShrekTheSassy”
  112. “FionaTheFerocious”
  113. “DonkeyKongCountryCarnival”
  114. “PrincessDelight”
  115. “WarioWackiness”
  116. “BowserTheBouncy”
  117. “KirbyKooky”
  118. “SamusSaviorSquad”
  119. “NessieTheNoble”
  120. “PikachuPalsPlaytime”
  121. “CharizardChampionCup”
  122. “BulbasaurBudding”
  123. “SquirtleSizzle”
  124. “MetroidMastermind”
  125. “CaptainCrumb”
  126. “JigglypuffJungle”
  127. “GanondorfTheGregarious”
  128. “PeachyPeachesAndCream”
  129. “YoshiYodel”
  130. “LinkLaserSword”
  131. “ShrekTheSlippery”
  132. “FionaTheFierceless”
  133. “DonkeyKongCountryCrazy”
  134. “PrincessDazzling”
  135. “WarioWobbly”
  136. “BowserTheBighearted”
  137. “KirbyKrafty”
  138. “SamusSaviorSquadron”
  139. “NessieTheNimbleNinja”
  140. “PikachuPalsParade”
  141. “CharizardChampionCarnival”
  142. “BulbasaurBlossom”
  143. “SquirtleSteam”
  144. “MetroidMayhemMadness”
  145. “CaptainCocoa”
  146. “JigglypuffJellybean”
  147. “GanondorfTheGreatness”
  148. “PeachyPeachyPie”
  149. “YoshiYams”
  150. “CaptainCucumber”

These names should provide you with plenty of inspiration for your next Jackbox game session. Remember to keep it light-hearted and fun, and try to choose a name that will bring a smile to the faces of your fellow players.

How To Come Up With Your Own Funny Jackbox Name

Creating a funny Jackbox name can be a fun and creative way to show off your personality and sense of humor. Here are some steps you can follow to come up with your own funny Jackbox name:

Brainstorm words and phrases: Start by writing down a list of words and phrases that you find funny or amusing. This can include puns, jokes, or even silly catchphrases that you and your friends often use. Don’t be afraid to get creative and think outside of the box.

Reference your favorite media: Consider incorporating a reference to a favorite TV show, movie, book, or video game into your Jackbox name. For example, you could use a character’s name or a memorable quote from your favorite show.

Combine two words: Combining two words that don’t normally go together can create a clever and humorous name. For example, you could combine “banana” and “tornado” to create “Banana-nado.”

Test your ideas: Once you have a few ideas, test them out with your friends and see which ones get the biggest laughs. This can be a fun way to involve your friends in the creative process and get their feedback on your name ideas.

Keep it appropriate: While you want your name to be funny, it’s important to make sure that it’s also appropriate for all audiences. Avoid using offensive or inappropriate language, and make sure your name is in good taste.

Overall, coming up with a funny Jackbox name can be a fun and creative process. By brainstorming, referencing your favorite media, combining words, and testing your ideas, you can create a name that reflects your unique sense of humor and personality. Remember to keep it appropriate and have fun with the process!


In conclusion, Jackbox games can be a great way to have fun with friends and family, and choosing a funny Jackbox name can add an extra element of humor to the game. With the list of 150 funny Jackbox names, you now have plenty of inspiration to choose from for your next game session. Additionally, if you want to come up with your own name, follow the steps outlined above to brainstorm, reference your favorite media, combine words, and test your ideas. Remember to keep your name appropriate and in good taste, and most importantly, have fun and enjoy the game!