How Do Hackers Find Gateways Through Public IP Address?

How Do Hackers Find Gateways Through Public IP Address

An IP address is the most valuable factor which works as a vertebra in a network. Most people use Public IP, as it is very easy to attain and its configuration is non-technical. On the other end, Intruders show their presence online by covertly attacking through your public IP address, sending and receiving special codes with the help of custom-designed software to seize and capture your credentials, exploit geographics and sell out information to the external parties and in return they get money.
In this article, we will thoroughly discuss the factors through which someone can trace your IP address, how hackers can affect you by having your information in hand, and most importantly how one can stop them from conducting such activities.
We would suggest readers follow the article till the end as there is an ocean of knowledge inside which can help you to escape problems without facing any complications.

How Can A Snooper Find Public IP Address?

The IP that you roam with over the internet is usually a Public IP that is used to communicate over the web and is assigned and controlled by the service provider.
The service providers have both sorts of IP addresses in their bucket, they assign it according to the preference of the user. Specifically, the Public IP address which is dynamically allotted through Dynamic Host Control Protocol – DHCP, is randomly assigned and always changing. The other one is Static IP which can be availed by requesting the ISP to provide you such an address, this is a fixed IP address that is non changing.
Your IP address is exposed to snoopers, because of certain activities that you perform in cyberspace. Let’s have a look at what mistakes a common person makes which brings him to issues and problems.

  • Email Communication
    When you use email to communicate, the IP through which you are communicating can easily be traced by searching the “Header” of that email. That can easily be done with the help of easily available browsers.
  • Torrenting
    It means you are downloading a file illegally from some platform that provides you a link (seeds + leechers). Once connected through that link, your IP can be easily exposed.
  • Lending Device
    When your contact asks you to lend your device for a while, they can easily see your IP address.
  • Click Strange Link
    When you receive a link through email or social media, the link can be a trap to expose your IP address.

How Hackers Can Exploit Public IP And Credentials?

Although your IP address can only give the idea of your geographics, still hackers can steal your information as they are trained to do so with the help of different custom-made software through which they can log your activities and even keys that you press or the click you do.

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  • The Exploitation of Physical Location
    By running special software, the hacker can easily hunt your real information, God forbid by using your real-world information they can loot you physically.
  • Gadget Hacking
    They can use trojans to infect your system, once they are in, they can jam your activities, seize your data and capture your sensitive information like family photographs, bank statements, email information, and credit card numbers & pin codes as well.
  • Phishing Technique
    The Hacker can send you a link to a page or anything, once you click that link, you lose control over your device and the hacker remotely runs your system, you cannot kick him out by just turning off your computer, if it happens you are recommended to disable your internet and run antivirus or anti-trojan software to remove the infection from the root.
  • Untrustworthy Service Provider
    Always choose a reliable service provider, ISP can easily track your information and sell it to a third party for their interest. Before doing a service contract do have a reference check against their services and read out their data logging policy otherwise you are finished.
  • Repute Destruction
    Once your system is hacked your IP will be exposed and your credentials will be captured. The hackers can use your ID for any evil reason like terrorism and frame you as a criminal in Infront of the law.

How Can I Protect My Public IP address Against Hackers?

There are 03 legitimate ways you can protect public IP addresses against intruders and snoopers. Follow these guidelines.

1. Firm Privacy Settings

Change privacy setting status and make it extremely firm.

  • Do not answer any unknown numbers
  • Do not click any unreliable link
  • Do not accept any files
  • Do remove your family photos, files, and other sensitive data from cyberspace.
  • Do not share your credentials with any stranger

2. Firmware Update

Always keep your networking device updated and use reliable antivirus. Keep your firewall working at the extreme to provide you optimum privacy and security.

3. Use a VPN

Virtual Private Networks are specially made software services, once you connect to their service, they provide you a fake Id, using which you can surf the internet and once you log out the fake IP vanishes.
When you log in again you will get a different IP to perform the activity. We always recommend our followers to use a reliable and affordable VPN service like:

  • Express VPN
  • NordVPN
  • SurfShark VPN
  • IPVanish VPN
  • Ghost Service VPN

VPN Service provides you an extremely powerful shelter against intruders. Besides this they have a professional customer services team, always up to resolve your issue remotely and immediately. This is one vital cause that we recommend using a paid VPN service as it secures you to get into the hassles of technical configuration. Just plug in your device, connect to the server and have a happy and reliable session on cyberspace.