Reasons To Choose Solar Plus Storage For Better Energy Efficiency And Reliability

Reasons To Choose Solar Plus Storage For Better Energy Efficiency And Reliability

The world is seeing an increase in the number of homes now utilizing clean energy as their primary energy source. These households use most of the electricity generated to power their home rather than sell them back to the grid. To achieve this, you either should have an extensive system installed with no battery storage or need battery storage along with your renewable system.

With solar panels providing clean, renewable energy during the day, storing this energy in batteries so you can use it at night does two things for your home. First of all, it provides homeowners with an uninterrupted energy supply, eliminating any downtime when there is a grid outage. 

Secondly, it allows you to offset your electricity usage from the grid, so every time you switch on, for example, one of your air-conditioners or heat pumps, it’s pulling electricity from your battery and not from the utility company.

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Access To Solar Panels With Battery Storage

One of the most significant issues with installing a new clean system is that most new homes are not designed to be able to house it. There may not be adequate roof space, or too many shading issues may prevent the panels from being effective. The issues make battery storage an ideal solution for renters or homeowners.  

They can have some form of renewable energy without having to make any long-term commitment, as they can choose whether or not they want to stay on top of their contract. Battery storage is also perfect for people who live in apartment buildings with no access to solar panels but still want access to cheaper power bills and higher efficiency throughout their homes.

Benefits Of Solar Plus Storage

1. Better Energy Efficiency

Using a solar plus storage system, you can be sure that your electricity usage will be at its highest efficiency throughout the year. So, you will pay less for your power because there is no rush hour during the day when many people are all trying to use their appliances at once. 

It also means that while everyone else’s air conditioners and heat pumps are drawing on the grid, yours will be powered by your batteries, so you don’t have to foot that bill!

2. Increases Your Savings

As well as reducing how much energy you’re pulling from the grid, with solar plus storage you can sell any extra excess energy back to them too. This means that if, for example, it’s a sunny day and you’ve generated more than you can use, you’ll be sending this to the grid so they can take it off your hands. 

Then when you need to top up your supply after dark, because your solar panels won’t have generated enough energy between sunset and sunrise, you will be able to pay less than what the utility company charges for power. 

This benefit is also great news if you’re just on their basic plan. It means that instead of paying the usual $0.3 per kilowatt-hour that everyone else is charged at night, you’ll only be charged a fraction of that.

3. Increased Reliability

The great thing about battery storage combined with solar is that there’s nothing further you need to do once it’s been installed. It’s an entirely automated energy system that will provide you with the same level of reliability and efficiency.

All that users have to worry about is ensuring that the batteries are being charged and how much excess electricity they’re feeding back into the grid. Battery storage will also help improve the smoothness of the power supply and minimize the scope for power shortage issues.

4. Saves the Environment

Since fossil fuels are being used less and less each year to generate electricity, you can be sure that your system is doing well for the environment. Clean energy options also help minimize carbon emissions.

So, every time someone chooses to install a battery backup system in their home, they create less of an impact on the ecosystem. Sustainability makes this truly one of the best ways to provide future generations with clean energy.

5. Less Chance of Being Affected by Grid Failure

One major disadvantage associated with relying on utility companies entirely is that whenever there’s a power outage, you’re at their mercy until it comes back online. Solar-based panels need only minimal maintenance.

With solar panels, however, even if everything else goes offline, you’ll still have power. Your batteries will keep providing whatever is required, and the only time you’ll be affected is when you don’t have enough solar energy to recharge them.

6. Allows You to Be Independent

Solar plus storage provides you with a lot of freedom that other renewable energy sources don’t offer. With solar alone, you need to sell your excess energy back to the utility company

However, if you want complete independence from them, you can opt for a battery backup instead. 

Access to battery backup means that your home is entirely self-sufficient as it doesn’t rely on an external electricity source. So as long as there’s enough left in your batteries, you’ll be okay.

7. Provides Income While You Sleep

Last but not least, another advantage of using a system like this is that it will pay off more quickly than just having panels and nothing else. Any surplus electricity which would have gone straight into the grid without a battery backup can instead be stored and used for whatever you need it for the next day. 

Plus, as your system gets larger and larger, the amount of excess power you’ll be generating will mean even more money in your pocket.

Wrapping Up

As renewables continue to grow in popularity worldwide, it doesn’t seem like battery storage will ever go out of fashion. While they currently come with a higher price tag than just buying some solar panels outright, if you consider how much money and resources you could have this technology in place. It’s an investment worth considering! It’s not just good for your electricity bills either; the efficiency and reliability these systems provide are something we can all benefit from.