How To Remove Scratches From Gorilla Glass

How To Remove Scratches From Gorilla Glass

Being a parent can be quite fun and rewarding, even though sometimes it can be quite a bit of a challenge. There are times when your children suddenly become silent because they are probably doing something they shouldn’t. It is a norm for kids to break things now and then. However, you should be able to remediate the damage without much fuss. If you wondering how to remove scratches from Gorilla Glass, here is a guide:

How to remove scratches from Gorilla glass

The first thing you need to do is to inspect the damaged portion. More often than not, the tempered glass could be restored to its original shape without having to replace it. The first thing you need to do is thoroughly clean the glass using a glass container as well as a soft rag so that you can have a better look at the damage. If however, the scratch catches your fingernail, it means that it could be too deep for the prescribed DIY methods.

Another thing you could do is to apply some whitening toothpaste which can be more abrasive than the regular toothpaste. To do this, first, buff the scratched glass in small circular motions. The grit contained in the toothpaste should be enough to eliminate the small scratches on the tempered glass.  Upon rinsing it for some minutes, do well to rinse the glass using water. If you still observe the scratch hasn’t much improved, do well repeat the process.

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What Is A Gorilla Glass?

Gorilla glass is simply a brand of glass that is chemically strengthened. It is made to be light, thin and resistant to damage. It is mainly used to serve as a cover glass for electronic devices such as media players, mobile phones and portable computer displays among others. The strength and durability of the glass are gotten from the fact that it is immersed in a proprietary hot ion-exchange bath. As of October 2017, about 5 billion devices had Gorilla Glass.

What Other Techniques Can I Deploy?

If after doing the aforementioned, it is time for you to go to the next phase. You should consider using steel wool or liquid pumice soap. This is a heavy-duty hand cleaner that has some added abrasive elements which can remove scratches that exist on the tempered glass with greater effect.

You may also use steel wool which is a fine grade pad that helps clean the glass without leaving behind any scratch. However, ensure that the steel wool comes in good condition because the presence of rust could lead to scratches on the glass when you are attempting to buff it. So whether you are using steel wool or liquid pumice soap and a soft cloth, try to bug the glass using circular motions for several minutes. After doing this, ensure that you rinse the glass of possible residue to assess the work done. But if the scratch persists, then you may have to bring out the power tools.

Sanders Of Buffers

You can purchase a commercial buffing compound that is designed to eliminate any polish material or scratches. Some of the popular options include jeweler’s rogue and cerium oxide. Thereafter polish the scratched glass using the buffer or sander while you make efforts to continually make the area moist by squeezing out a trickle of fluid from the sponge. This helps prevent the compound form creating more rough surfaces.

After a while, ensure that you set the drill or sander down and thereafter clean the glass using liquid dish soap and a soft brush. Proceed to dry the glass and check for scratches. Go over these procedures again until you get the result you so desire.

Proven Solid Steps To Help Remove Scratches From Gorilla Glass

Before you do these steps, ensure that you switch off your phone, remove the batteries and seal the parts that could be penetrated by fluids to prevent any form of damage. Here are some tips you should try in your effort to get the scratches off:

1. The baking soda trick

This is perhaps one of the simplest tricks you can find out there. It has always been the best choice when it has to do with getting scratches off your phone. Even though it’s a very handy phone scratch eliminator, there is a need to exercise some measure of caution when applying this remedy. This is because it could adversely affect your phone screen as a result of moisture.

2. The Potassium Aluminum Sulfate and Egg combo

Egg whites have proven to be a solid option for the removal of scratches from your mobile phone when combined with potassium aluminum sulfate. For this to function effectively, you will need to have a microfiber cloth, an oven, a saucepan, potassium aluminum sulfate which can be gotten at the closest drugstore.

3. Toothpaste

Most human beings on earth must have at one point or the other used toothpaste to clean their teeth. Aside from this function, it has also proven to be an effective scratch remover. It can be used to remove small marks from the screen of your phone. While doing this, ensure that you are not using a gel-based paste as this could leave a less than the desired result.

4. Drill Grinders or Sandpaper

When dealing with more stubborn phone scratches, one of the surest ways to get rid of this is by using drill grinders or sandpaper. This remedy is only useful in removing unwanted dents found on the side of your phone’s screen.

Because these materials are quite rough, ensure that you are only selecting the least abrasive ones. Also, while using this material, ensure that you handle with great care and gently use it until the area affected improves.

5. Vegetable oil

The quickest way to get rid of scratches from your phone is via the use of vegetable oil. However, it is worthy of note that this solution is only temporary. Having said, what you need to do is apply a small drop of the oil on the scratch and rub it to the point where the scratch is removed. While doing this, ensure that you do not use too much oil as this can make your screen appear too oily. Also, the oil may just find its way beneath your phone.

6. Erasers

Erasers have always proven to be saviors, especially in the examination hall. However, aside from helping to clean errors in your book, they have also been quite useful in removing scratches from your phone. Because they are made from melamine foam, they can serve as very potent sandpapers. All you need to do is apply some water on the magic paper and rub it gently on the areas affected the same way you would on just about any device.

7. Baby Powder

Baby powders are a solid alternative solution towards removing scratches from your mobile phone. To do this, simply add some portion of baby powder with water inside a bowl and mix it till you get a paste-like substance. When this is done, apply the mixture with a soft cloth on the areas affected. Ensure this is done circularly and gently. The moment you have succeeded in getting rid of the scratch, get the screen wiped using a fresh and damp cloth for removing the excess substances. It should be noted that baby powders are a known alternative to using baking soda.

8. Car Scratch removal creams

Have you heard of car scratch removal creams? It turns out they are also quite useful in tackling issues of scratches on your phone. To get this done, all you need is a cotton swab or a clean cloth. When applying it, ensure this is done using the right amount of pressure and in a circular motion.

Consider Replacement Of Home Glass Repair

If you are unable to eliminate the scratches on the screen of your gorilla glass, consulting the services of a professional may help you. You could order for home services or take your glass to them for repairs.

Take Away

Despite the prevalence of Corning Gorilla Glass in the market, there are bound to be times when our phones will develop a scratch or two. Therefore, instead of getting them replaced, using these methods of removing such scratches would go a long way to help you get through the stress and hassles.

However, just as it is with all DIY hacks, you should follow the steps we outline to the letter. It is also vital that you do not go overboard in your quest to get this done. The reason is that if it is not done the right way, it could cause more harm than good.

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