How To Use GPS Trackers For Your Children?

How To Use GPS Trackers For Your Children

Being a parent is one of the most delightful feelings as well as a huge responsibility. Your perception of the world changes while bringing up and raising tiny humans to become responsible adults. You are constantly battling between letting them be a person on their own and wanting to keep them safe from the world. You want them to have freedom and explore, but within safe boundaries. 

And when it comes to the safety of your children, all bets are off! You must arm yourself with the best and the latest technological resources to safeguard your children.  

Using A GPS Tracker For Your Children

That is where GPS tracking comes into the picture. These days there are a variety of GPS-enabled products available to help you track the whereabouts of your children. You can opt for a tiny location-only tracker your kid can wear as a piece of jewelry. Or you can go for funky smartwatches equipped with a two-way communication channel. If your kid is old enough to carry a smartphone, you can download a tracking app and enable location sharing. But the best way to go about it is getting dedicated GPS tracking units like Family 1st portable GPS tracker for real-time location, 911-escalation, geofence, and other assortments of features. It is more accurate then google maps timeline.

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Let’s take a look at all the options you have: 

1. Phone Apps:

These are the easiest and one of the cheapest ways to track your kids. You can get an Android or iOS smartphone for your kid. Remember to activate parental control to limit their access to the web of all things. Download a map app on the device and activate location sharing, and you are done! Although easy and cheap, this method of tracking is not very dependable. The GPS on these phones is not designed for continuous tracking; they lack accuracy and precision, and also drain phone batteries. It is still a good option in urgency. 

2. Smartwatches:

All kids like to have a watch on their wrist to feel cool, adult-like. So this one is a real charmer! These days smartwatches come with attractive features like two-way messaging and calls, SOS and panic buttons, fitness tracker, reminders, and colorful designs and straps. Apart from tracking, these watches also instill a sense of responsibility and the pride of doing something on their own. Also, if as a parent you want to keep your kid away from the internet and still be able to track them, then smartwatches are best for you.

Using these smartwatches is fairly easy. Get a smartwatch with a strap that your kids like to coax them into wearing and caring for it. Download the compatible app on your android or iOS device, connect with the watch, set parental controls and preferences, and you are done. Most smartwatches come with their separate SIM card to ensure unbridled connectivity. 

However, as good as it sounds, these do have some minor drawbacks. For one, they do not offer a long battery life. The GPS tracking unit installed in them does not function in areas with a low network. They need to be under the clear sky to function well. Also, the screen is prone to breaking easily. 

3. GPS Tracking units:

Now we are talking big guns! Dedicated GPS tracking units are the way to go, especially if you are getting the solution for your kids. Why? Long battery life, superior connectivity, accurate location tracking, compact concealable device, SOS and panic button, safe zone, faster recovery, aggressive tracking mode… we need to go on? With portable GPS tracking devices, you have tools to give your kids 100% protection against the threats lurking in the shadows. 

GPS trackers for kids are usually small in size, making them the best-hidden friend your child can get. These devices can be easily hidden in your child’s school bag or their pockets, without causing a hurdle in their fun. The devices come with a companion app which you can download on any device of your choice and set up your preferences for geofences, alerts and notifications, and more. These companion apps or interfaces are user-friendly, and you can make required changes with ease. 

Tracking Your Children – Things To Consider

Before you get a GPS tracking device for your kid, you need to keep a few things in mind. 

Know Your Neighborhood

Before sending your kids out, you should do some digging into your surroundings and the people living there. Check out if the area has a proper cellular network so that your 4G LTE GPS tracker doesn’t lag and shows you the correct and precise locations. You must also look into:

  • the distance between your kids’ school, activity center, and your home.
  • road signs, high traffic areas and time, accident-prone areas
  • CCTV cameras around the neighborhood
  • Number of sex offenders 

Based on these criteria, you can gauge how safe your neighborhood is and decide the kind of GPS tracker you will need. It is always best to invest in a dedicated GPS tracking device with a sim and long-life battery. 

Get a tracker that your kid is comfortable with

Using a GPS device with your little ones can be a bit complicated. If you are a parent to a child with developmental delays, introducing something new can be all the more daunting. The only way to call a truce is to get a GPS tracker that is comfortable, discreet, and strong. You can refer this guide on kids tracking devices

Some ideas to place the GPS tracker discreetly:

  • You can use the school bag of your kids to hide the tracker.
  • Put the tracker in your kid’s outfit – in a pocket or belt buckle – somewhere out of their way.
  • Under a kid’s bike, skateboard, wheelchair, or any supporting equipment. 
  • You can get a piece of jewelry like a necklace or bracelet with a hidden location transmitter.
  • Smartwatches for kids come in some cool colors with funky straps which kids love. 

Set Real-Time Location On

The whole point of GPS tracking is to get the location. And when we are talking about kids, you need it in real-time. The relief that comes with knowing your kids’ whereabouts and the assurance that you can reach them as and when needed is boundless! Also, if there is an emergency, you can share the accurate real-time location with emergency services. 

Get A Rough-n-Tough Tracking Device

How many of your kid’s unbreakable toys have you tried to salvage with glue? Let’s not add a GPS tracker to that list. Check the manufacturer’s guide and specifications to confirm that the GPS tracker is made of strong material and can withstand whatever your kids throw at it – or when they throw it. Family1st trackers are good if you buy the metallic case that they offer with their gps device.

Use Safe Zone Features

One of the best parts of a GPS tracker is that you can set up safe zones – virtual boundaries on a map that highlight the areas you consider safe for kids. These areas can be either their school, their grandparents’ house, gym, activity class, nearby park, or other. Once your kids are in the safe zone or out of it, you receive an alert. It takes away the need to keep checking the real-time location and automatically informs you where your kid is. 

Talk To Your Kid

Kids see the world differently. So when you decide to get a tracking solution for them, make sure that they know it’s for their safety, and not because you don’t trust them. You have to educate them on all the threats they face in the world, and how the tracker can keep them safe. More importantly, they must understand that they never take the tracker off them. Teach them about the SOS and panic buttons, and also when they should use them. 

The Bottom Line

Kids need a safe and happy environment to grow up. There needs to be a fine balance between their dependence on you and their individual freedom. GPS tracking solutions can help you achieve that. There are several options available, thanks to the technological advancements in the application of GPS. You will surely find the one that you need. You can also check for content related to gps trackers. Happy tracking!

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