Morgan Wallen’s fans were ‘not surprised’ by his arrest, their main concern was ‘hoping he wouldn’t cancel again’ at Ole Miss.

Morgan Wallen's fans were 'not surprised' by his arrest, their main concern was 'hoping he wouldn't cancel again' at Ole Miss.

Country music star Morgan Wallen made a notable return to the stage at Vaught-Hemingway Stadium in Oxford, Mississippi. This performance at Ole Miss occurred two weeks after he was arrested in Nashville on three felony counts and a year after a previously scheduled concert was unexpectedly canceled.

Interviews with attendees before the concert revealed that many were unfazed by Wallen’s recent legal issues, which involved an alleged chair-throwing incident. Katelyn, a student from New Orleans, said, “Honestly, I kind of expected it,” suggesting that the news of Wallen’s arrest didn’t surprise her. Molly, an 18-year-old from Mississippi, humorously commented, “He just let that liquor talk, just like the song said,” alluding to lyrics from Wallen’s hit “Last Night.”

Despite the controversy, Wallen’s performance was received with enthusiasm and support from the audience, highlighting his continued popularity and the strong connection he has with his fans. This event reflects the complex dynamics between a celebrity’s off-stage actions and their public and professional reception.

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Morgan Wallen's fan

Country music star Morgan Wallen returned to the stage at Vaught-Hemingway Stadium in Oxford, Mississippi, captivating his fans at Ole Miss. This event took place two weeks after his arrest in Nashville on three felony charges, and one year following the cancellation of a previously planned concert.

Before the concert, several attendees expressed their views on Wallen’s recent legal troubles, which stemmed from an incident where he allegedly threw a chair from the roof of a bar. This act seemed to resonate with his public persona. Andi, a freshman at Ole Miss, remarked, “I feel like it’s just kind of his personality a little bit.” Echoing this sentiment, Priscilla, from Memphis, noted, “That’s kind of Morgan Wallen behavior,” while Justin, also from Memphis, described Wallen as “a rebel.”

The incident occurred on April 7, when Wallen, aged 30, was charged by the Metro Nashville Police Department. He allegedly threw a chair off the six-story Chief’s bar which landed near two police officers on Broadway.

Despite the severity of the charges, some fans like Samantha felt the situation was not alarming. “It was unfortunate, but I’m glad no one was hurt,” she said.

Wallen’s performance thus underscored the complex relationship between his artistic persona and his off-stage controversies. His ability to draw a large audience despite recent troubles speaks to his enduring popularity and the loyal support of his fans. The concert at Ole Miss highlighted this dynamic, showing that his appeal transcends his missteps.

“I thought it was really funny, honestly,” remarked a fan of Wallen, while her companion added, “It didn’t seem that extreme. Nobody was injured.”

John, a junior at Ole Miss, stated, “I found it intriguing, but everyone makes mistakes. I don’t believe we should define him by one possibly poor incident since we all experience those times.”

Jimmy, a fan from Albuquerque, New Mexico, expressed, “He’s young and has much to learn; hopefully, he will learn from this.” He added that he was “disappointed” but “fortunately, no one was hurt.”

Paul, a retired law enforcement officer from Tampa Bay, commented, “The main thing is that incidents occur, and he got upset about something… You make a mistake, you face the consequences. He has apologized online, and I’m satisfied with that.”He added, “I think as long as he apologizes to those in uniform, he’s good with me.”

He added, “I think as long as he apologizes to those in uniform, he’s good with me.”

Wallen turned to X, formerly known as Twitter, to apologize for his actions.

“I didn’t feel it was appropriate to address this publicly until I had made amends with certain people,” Wallen posted on social media. “I’ve reached out to the Nashville police, my family, and the staff at Chief’s. I’m not proud of how I acted, and I take full responsibility. I have immense respect for the officers who work daily to ensure our safety.”

He also informed his fans, “As for my tour, there will be no changes.”

Molly commented, “I don’t think he did that intentionally, but I’m glad he can still perform tonight.”

“Everyone makes mistakes; I always say separate the music from the artist,” Katelyn remarked, while her friend Arianna added, “We say that every time. The music and the artist are two different things.”

“I think he deserves some of the backlash; that was irresponsible,” Jimmy shared about the public reaction to Wallen’s arrest. “I’m not going to hold it completely against him. I was young once and made mistakes too, hopefully, I learned from them.”

Tracy, accompanying former LEO Paul, felt that the reaction was “a little overboard just because of who he is.”

He probably deserves some consequences,” Justin mentioned. “No one’s above the law.”

Many fans were primarily concerned about whether he would be able to perform at his concert.

“One fan expressed, “I thought he should have stayed home and not done anything for two weeks so he wouldn’t have to cancel his concert.”

Hudson, a junior at Ole Miss, joked, “I was just trying to figure out when his court date was to see if it conflicted with the concert.

Justin remarked, “We’re happy he’s still coming and we’re here to support him.”

Andi confessed, “I was just hoping he wouldn’t cancel again.”

Last year, Wallen had to cancel his performance at Ole Miss abruptly due to vocal issues, right after his opening act had finished.

The venue playfully referenced the incident, displaying a message on the jumbotron before Wallen took the stage.

“Ladies and gentlemen, fortunately, Morgan has a full voice tonight and is ready to perform,” the message on the jumbotron announced. “He’s here to redo and rectify last year’s mishap… So, for the next two hours, don’t head for the exits—Morgan and the band are about to rock Oxford’s face off!!!”

Some fans believed that people, particularly Ole Miss students, were still upset about the last-minute cancellation.

One fan mentioned, “I have a few friends who aren’t coming because they’re still mad at him.”

Another fan, who wasn’t at the previous year’s concert, suggested people should be more forgiving. “He really couldn’t sing last time, and he had to consider his future performances,” she said.

Despite cancellations and legal troubles, Wallen’s fans maintain there isn’t much that could make them stop supporting him.

Many expressed they would be disappointed if he stopped producing music.

Andi stated, “I just really like his music, and that’s what I’m here for.”

For Priscilla, it would take “something more serious than throwing a chair” to give up on Wallen.

“There are definitely issues, but I just love his music,” Molly explained. “I’m not excusing his actions, but I still enjoy his music and will continue to attend his shows.”

“If he cancels tonight again, that’s it—I will never spend another dollar on anything related to Morgan Wallen,” Katelyn declared before heading into the concert.