Should Men Wear A Crew Neck Or A V-Neck?

Should Men Wear A Crew Neck Or A V-Neck

When you buy yourself a top, one of the most important considerations is the neckline. And for most men, their biggest problem when buying a jumper is whether they should get a crew neck or a V-neck.

These are arguably the two most popular types of jumpers and shirts on the market right now and for good reason. These tops are very comfortable, frame the body and face differently, and are likely to remain men’s fashion staples for a long time.

And in this article, we’re looking at the exact differences between a crew neck and a V-neck. That way, you’ll have a much easier time choosing the best fit for your body and needs.

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What Is A Crew Neck?

According to Fresh Clean Threads, crew neck tops are shirts and jumpers with a rounded neckline. It’s called a crew neck because the neckline is similar to the ones worn by crew members on ships in the past. These shirts are defined by their round but collarless necklines and are some of the most popular neckline options for both jumpers and tee shirts.

When you think of a tee shirt, you likely think of a crew neck. Aside from being used by crew members, these were also the designated undershirts for the US military, American football teams, and more. Aside from being comfortable, these shirts are also very inexpensive, so you usually buy them in bulk.

But while crew necks gained popularity because it was cheap to make, they have grown greatly since then. Nowadays, crew necks aren’t just used as undershirts that people buy in bulk. While you can still find many crew neck undershirts, there are also many premium crew neck t-shirts designed to go with many outfits.

While you might think that crew necks are the exact same thing as t-shirts, that isn’t the case. If you look closely, you will notice that the crew neck has a much tighter neckline compared to a regular t-shirt. While the difference is small, it makes a huge difference and is the reason why you may want to avoid crew necks if you have a larger or rounder build.

Who Is A Crew Neck For?

Crew necks are some of the best shirts for everyday use. They are some of the best all-around shirts because, aside from being comfortable, they are great for all body types. Whether you have a slim, average, or plus-sized body, you will look great in a crew neck, especially if you wear it properly.

That said, if you have a larger build, crew necks may make your face look a bit rounder. This doesn’t happen all the time, and it depends on your outfit. However, since the neckline is much closer to your actual neck, there’s a chance that you might look rounder in a crew neck.

Remember, crew neck shirts are much closer to the neck than regular t-shirts. This means that you will not have as much space around your neck compared to a regular t-shirt. 

So, if you have a rounder face, to begin with, crew necks won’t do you that much good. If you want to look a bit slimmer, especially around your face, it might be best to opt for a regular t-shirt or a v-neck instead.

What Is A V-Neck?

A v-neck shirt, as you might guess, has a v-shaped neckline. This means that the neckline goes down a bit and exposes a small area of the chest. There are many types of V-necks, from ones that have a slight dip to other designs that have almost comically deep v’s.

These are a more modern neckline, with its roots tracing back to the 1920s when the neckline was originally used on jumpers. But while it hasn’t been around as long as the crew neck, it’s definitely still a classic.

V-necks are a great way to highlight your frame and give you a more athletic look. These shirts tend to fit a bit tighter than usual, which is meant to highlight your body’s shape and accentuate certain areas.

One thing to note about v-neck shirts, however, is that they have a pretty rough reputation. There was a point in time when all people were wearing were hilariously deep plunging v-neck shirts. This gave people the wrong impression of v-neck shirts, as a lot of people nowadays think of v-necks as tacky.

However, if you wear a v-neck the right way, you’re sure to look good. Nowadays, you don’t have to worry about accidentally buying a shirt with a ridiculously low neckline. But if you see one on the market, we recommend avoiding it.

If you want to wear a v-neck properly, it’s best to choose a neckline that isn’t too deep. Aside from looking tacky, deep v-necks don’t feel that comfortable and don’t pair well with other clothing items. 

Who Is A V-Neck For?

V-necks are ideal for people with average to large builds. If you have a particularly skinny build, you may want to avoid wearing v-neck shirts. This is because it exposes more of your neck and your chest, which can make you look even skinnier.

Which Type Of Shirt Should You Wear?

You can wear any type of shirt you want, regardless of your body type. While we recommend v-necks for skinny and average builds and v-necks for average and large builds, this isn’t a definite rule. As long as you feel comfortable in your clothing, you shouldn’t feel bad about wearing them.

However, regardless of the shirt you choose, it’s important to make sure that it fits right and that you pair it with the right outfit. That way, you can rest assured that you look great whether you’re in a v-neck or a crew neck.

If you’re having a hard time selecting the right shirt for you, we recommend looking at your body type. Generally, skinnier people might look better in a crew neck as it will make your face appear a bit larger since you aren’t exposing any particularly skinny areas. But if you have a larger and bulkier body type, the v-neck might suit you better, as crew necks can make you look rounder than usual.