What Time Does McDonalds Open? A Must-Read

What Time Does McDonalds Open

McDonald’s has made a name for itself in the fast-food industry. They are the largest fast-food establishment across the globe.

McDonald’s boasts thousands of stores in different parts of the world. So, whether you’re in the United Kingdom or the United States, you can order the same food in any McDonald’s restaurant you visit.

But keep in mind that opening time varies from one McDonald’s restaurant to another. Now here goes the question.

What time does McDonald’s open for business?

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McDonald’s opening time is not set in stone. That’s the straightforward answer. The same goes for their closing time. In 2005, top executives at McDonald’s have been pushing all their restaurants to operate 24 hours daily. The aim was to boost revenue.

So, most McDonald’s restaurants operate 24 hours per day. Some only operate 24 hours for a couple of days in the week. They can’t open for the sake of running 24 hours per day. It has to be cost-effective and profitable for the company.

Keep reading for more details regarding McDonald’s opening hours.

McDonald’s: Meet The 150 Billion Dollars Fast-Food Company

They say statistics do not lie. A look at McDonald’s financial report and growth will show you why this phrase is meaningful. McDonald’s is one of the most successful fast-food companies around the globe. You don’t need to taste their delicious and popular hamburgers to know this.

Founded by Richard and Maurice McDonald in 1955, McDonald’s is the world’s largest fast-food company. They generate over $27 billion in revenue annually, which equates to approximately $75.1 million per day.

McDonald’s customer base is considerably large and growing. They also deliver food to over 69 million customers yearly. And they have the human resources and capacity to cater to every customer’s nutritional needs.

McDonald’s boasts 210,000 employees. They run over 38,000 restaurants in over 100 countries. The company is headquartered in Illinois, Chicago, USA.

Why Not Every McDonalds Restaurant Stay Open 24 Hours

The individuals at the helm of affairs at McDonald’s, in 2005, urged management at all their restaurants to start operating 24 hours daily. Yet, not all of them are observing this directive.

Most customers have even reported inconsistencies in the opening hours. Most McDonald’s only stay open when it’s convenient for them.

Now, what’s the reason most McDonald’s restaurants don’t operate 24 hours? Well, the reason is straightforward. It’s because doing so is not what’s best for the business profit-wise. Imagine opening throughout the night in a week or month without registering meaningful sales to justice the decision. In such a scenario, the best decision would be to not open 24 hours.

If a specific location is bustling at night and daytime, no McDonald restaurant will refuse to stay open for 24 hours.

So, the bottom line is that most restaurants don’t operate 24 hours because they know won’t generate more revenue with such business strategic that way. It would be a waste of time, energy, and resources.

McDonald’s Opening Hours: How Not To Get Disappointment 

Have you ever drove a few miles to a McDonald’s that usually operate 24 hours daily, only to discover that it has closed for the day? Anybody who experiences this would feel completely disappointed.

Most customers have reportedly experienced such. It’s a painful experience and could be worse when one is hungry.

Here are a few tips to help you avoid this experience.

Research online:

Most people have a knack for sharing their experiences about products or services they have used online. The reason is to create awareness, warn people, or provide useful information to enable new users to make informed decisions.

So, research online about the McDonald’s of interest. If you’re lucky enough, you might find feedbacks about the McDonald’s restaurant in your chosen location.

You can also ask questions online. Visit active forums, groups, social media, and ask for opinions about a specific McDonald’s. You may be lucky to find someone who can provide all the information you need

Online research can help you gain access to in-depth information about a specific McDonald’s store, including their services.

Give the restaurant a call:

A simple phone call that might probably last a minute or less would save you many productive minutes, energy, and gas.

To avoid arriving at a McDonald’s, only to find the restaurant closed for the day, try calling the local fast-food company first before embarking on such a journey.

You need to call the local restaurant before embarking on the journey. Find out if they are still open for business and for how long. You can also use that opportunity to find out if they have your favorite food too.

Get information from the locals:

It’s better if you have a friend, colleague, or relative that lives in the same location as the restaurant. Find someone you can call or chat with to know if the McDonald’s in their location is still open for business.

You can also inquire about their opening and closing hours and if they operate 24 hours per day, just in case you need their services during such odd hours.

Use the online restaurant locator:

McDonald’s is the first global fast-food chain and still the largest in the world. Besides the main fast-food stores, the company generate revenue by letting franchisees lease their properties.

McDonald’s success in the fast-food industry is intimidating. But it’s a clear reflection of the company’s cheap but high-quality meals, hard work, and innovativeness.

This fast-food company understands the importance of delivering excellent customer service. And despite their huge customer-base, finding information has never been a problem for customers.

The online restaurant locator makes access to information a breeze. Using this online tool, you can find the nearest McDonald’s fast-food restaurant near you, their services, and restaurant hours.

The company also has a top-notch mobile app that runs on iOS and Android platforms seamlessly. With the app, you can access information on the latest deals, offers, coupons, and even save money as you buy from McDonald’s.

5 Countries With The Highest McDonald’s Locations 

McDonald’s is a famous fast-food company, operating thousands of restaurants across the globe. But know that McDonald’s doesn’t work in many countries, even though they have the resources and capacity to do so.

Here are countries you can find more McDonalds’ locations.

1. McDonald’s in the United States of America:

The United States is McDonald’s birthplace. So, anyone would expect more McDonald’s locations in the country. McDonald’s isn’t just the most popular fast-food company in the United States. It boasts the highest restaurants in the country than any other company.

As of the time of writing, McDonald’s boasts 13,787 locations across the United States of America. States with more population have the highest concentration of restaurants.

Furthermore, 37 percent of McDonald’s total revenue comes from the United States of America.

2. McDonald’s China: 

China makes the least of the second country with the highest McDonald’s locations in the world. But they are number one in Asia. McDonald’s had a rough beginning in China. The company arrived in Hong Kong in 1975, but it was in 1990 that it got approved to operate in the country.

Since 1990 to date, McDonald’s has been growing stronger. As of the writing time, they had 3,383 locations and planned to double the figure in their nearest future.

3. McDonald’s Japan:

Japan boasts the third-largest McDonald’s location and the second largest in the Asian continent. As of the time of writing, the fast-food company had 2,909, which was a bit higher.

McDonald’s has struggled in Japan a bit, though it’s still waxing stronger. The struggling caused by an increase in health-conscious consumers and the high cost of inputs made the company closedown over a thousand locations in Japan.

The fast-food company has been operating in Japan since 1971.

4. McDonald’s France:

McDonald’s was established in France in 1972. Through the resilience of a French restaurateur called Raymond Dayan. Raymond convinced McDonald’s to launch the business in France. He promised to successfully run the fast-food company in France and got the privilege to do so.

McDonald is called McDo in France, and the country boasts over 1,485 locations. France holds the biggest European market for McDo’s hamburger chain.

5. McDonald’s Germany:

Known as Mekkes by Germans, McDonald’s is a famous fast-food company in Germany. Germany also has the second-biggest McDonald’s presence in Europe. The country boasts a whopping 1484 Mekkes locations.

Germans love McDonald’s for its convenience and speed. And even though the country has a large population of health-conscious individuals, the company is still thriving.


McDonald’s doesn’t have a specific opening time. Some of the restaurants operate 24hours of the day, while some don’t. A location may decide to work 24 hours if doing so is cost-effective.

So, before you head to a McDonald’s restaurant, please find out about their opening hour. Do not assume all McDonald’s open 24 hours or at a specific time.

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