Best Mobile Ad Formats And Ad Sizes To Increase Viewability And Revenue

Best Mobile Ad Formats And Ad Sizes To Increase Viewability And Revenue

Nowadays, placing ads on mobile apps and mobile website versions is a useful and effective method of increasing revenue and traffic, especially if the type and size of ads are chosen correctly and do not distract the user from viewing other information.

Still, the screen of phones is much smaller than a computer display, so it is not that easy to make a workable ad that would attract viewers. In this article, we will tell you about some of the best formats and right sizes for your ads that will definitely help to increase the viewability and effectiveness of your campaign.

1. Rich Media

Rich Media ads are interactive banners that appear suddenly and cover almost the entire screen of the phone. The most suitable size for such ads: 320х480. According to the experience of many experts, this type of advertising will be much more effective than simple banners. In most cases, rich media ads receive 2-3 times more clicks.

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The advantages of this format:

  • easy to remember
  • attracts attention
  • brings high conversions
  • can contain audio, video, or animation content.

2. Video Format

Video ads are becoming more popular from year to year both on the main and mobile versions of websites and applications. A typical ad lasts about 20 seconds and is inserted before the beginning of the main video that interested the user. But don’t create long clips because they can make the viewers really angry. It’s also important to prepare a proper and truly creative video.

Studies show that video is now the best format for mobile commerce campaigns. And this trend will remain the same in the future. The best size for such videos is 300×250 or a full-screen format.

3. Banner Format

Banner is one of the most common mobile ad formats. It is placed in a certain part of the screen: blocks are fixed in the upper or lower area or embedded in the content. The main advantages of banner advertising are its simplicity and low price.

Simple integration into the application and fast preparation of creative ads make banners the most advantageous solution for a short-term advertising campaign. The mechanics are very simple — such a banner is displayed in a certain block that does not overlap the main content. Therefore, users can safely use the application with the banner on the screen.

Best sizes for banners:

  • Large rectangle – 336 × 280
  • Medium rectangle – 300 × 250
  • Square – 250 × 250
  • Small square – 200 × 200

4. Native Format

This is the most unobtrusive of all of the above formats because it looks really organic on mobile websites and apps. The main idea of such an ad is to become a natural part of the content on a page where it is displayed. Thus, for the user, it looks like a component of the website and not like an ad. Such an approach always brings a larger potential profit.

But it is crucial to choose the right size for this type of advertising. Native ads should not cover the entire screen. It is required to place them between other parts of the page or make such an ad slightly bigger. The most commonly used size is 300 × 50.


There is no universal advertising format that works perfectly for every platform or every type of device. Nothing but testing will tell you which ads format and size are the most effective.

But it’s worth keeping in mind that choosing an ad type for mobile devices is only part of a successful campaign. More will depend on targeting settings, the right platform, creative design, and other crucial factors.