How To Write An Excellent 500-Word Essay

How To Write An Excellent 500-Word Essay

Whether you are a university freshman or a high school student, your teachers are sure to give you loads of assignments. If one of them includes a short essay format, you may mistakingly feel relief. It seems like an elementary task, doesn’t it? An hour or two, and that’s it. But the truth is, writing a 500-word essay can be much more complicated than preparing a long one. The following article will focus on the peculiarities of a short essay writing. For examples and general aspects on how to write a perfect 500-word essay, visit

Why Is It Important To Write Short Essays?

It is vital to learn how to write a 500-word essay because it will help you express your thoughts clearly and concisely. In real life, including studying or performing office duties, few of us can have writing inspiration. It is essential to speak briefly and directly, both on paper and orally, and fully respond to the theme in as few words as possible. This way, you will become a keen communicator, which is a necessary skill in any profession.

The main feature of writing 500-word essays is that students must put all their ideas and arguments in a limited number of words. Typically, short essays are 250 or 500 words long, depending on the topic and the professor’s requirements. So choose a good topic first and find suitable sources. Typically, your essay should be from two to five paragraphs long. Nevertheless, despite such diminutiveness, it is crucial to convey the essence of the theme.

For example, you chose the topic: “Should taxes be abolished?” It is a general topic, there are tons of materials on this issue, but instead of being useful, it only complicates things for the student. It would be best to choose the most relevant information. It means you must learn how to filter and sort all the data you come across and structure it correctly.

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Fortunately, there are easy ways to write a 500-word essay.

How To Write An Excellent 500-Word Essay

Whether you are a college or a high student and should write a descriptive, argumentative, or narrative 500-word essay, there are some basic requirements that you must follow. Let’s take a look at all the stages of writing a short essay.

1. Researching

Finding relevant sources appears to be one of the most critical tasks. The good news is that you usually only need a few sources, about two or three, because the essay is short. These can be articles from reputable journals or books. Pay attention to the issue date – the more up-to-date the sources are, the better. Also, make sure they are peer-reviewed. Read the summary or the abstract of the work you found. Does this sound like something that would be helpful? Remember, each source should contribute to a 500-word essay.

2. Brainstorming

It is impossible to write a short essay without sorting the ideas first. Consider what you would like to research in particular. A 500-word essay must be as focused as possible. Each of your suggestions should be precise and thematic. Therefore, it is vital to have a clear idea of what you are going to write about.

3. Structuring

Structure is the next logical step after brainstorming. You’ve put forward all the ideas. Now it’s time to write them down, so you don’t lose track of thoughts when you start typing. Therefore you must create an essay outline, especially if you have a broad topic. The threat of chaotic thoughts is genuine here, so before starting your essay, write down all the arguments and possible counterarguments. Stop at your ultimate goal and decide what information you are going to cover in each paragraph.

4. Writing a 500-word essay

If you completed the previous tasks, writing is not difficult. You have a plan, and you have sources that you are going to use, now follow the first and add the second! Don’t forget that you are writing a 500-word essay. Be short and concise, cover all points quickly but succinctly.

5. Proofreading and editing

Editing is an integral part of 500-word essay writing. It would help if you read what you have written to make sure it sounds good and nothing is rushed or unclear. The writing process is primarily a creation process. Even if your ideas are well-expressed, a significant number of grammatical and spelling mistakes will result in you getting a low grade. Prevent this by proofreading your essay. Since the paper is miniature in length, you won’t have to read it for a long time. Therefore, be very meticulous.

If you are still struggling to write the first short essay yourself, do not hesitate to address professionals. They will promptly prepare an excellent 500-word essay, and you will have a perfect example for the future.