25 Must-Know Reasons Not To Commit Suicide

25 Must-Know Reasons Not To Commit Suicide

There are times in life when one is confronted with so many challenges and obstacles that are really overwhelming. For some people, when they end up in this condition, they decide to commit suicide and they end up taking their own lives. But is that the solution? This piece argues against committing suicide and gives 25 must-know reasons not to commit suicide. There are so many reasons not to commit suicide and in this piece, we are going to look at some of them.

1. No Condition Is Permanent

This is not just a saying but the fact. No matter the hardship or obstacle you are experiencing at the moment, it will go one day. No condition is permanent and that applies to the problems confronting you too. Once you know that all problems are temporary and will be sorted with the passage of time, you will have a more optimistic view of life itself.

2. Once There Is Life, There Is Hope

As long as you are alive, then there is hope. For someone who has committed suicide, he or she is gone forever and there is no form of hope for them in this world. Always tell yourself that hope is life and you have no reason to give up at this moment.

3. You Have A Lot To Achieve

Truly, life can be hectic sometimes. However, whenever you take a good look at yourself and all the potentialities within you, you will see there is no reason to commit suicide. By taking a look at your list of goals, you will see that there is a lot ahead of you in terms of achievements.

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4. Science And Technology Can Change Things

For those who are considering ending their lives because of one health problem or the other, there is good news. There are rapid advancements in the world of science and technology and things will change for good. For example, for those with medical problems like cancer, there is a lot of hope. There was a time when diabetes had no cure but that is not the case today.

5. Think Of Your Loved Ones

Another wonderful reason why you should never take your life is the thought of your loved ones. When people commit suicide, they unleash an unprecedented amount of pain, anguish, and depression on their loved ones. These include parents, spouses, children and friends. In fact, this can trigger even more suicides. Think of your loved ones and consider them too, they do not deserve the emotional distress of losing you.

6. Lack Of Efficacy Of Suicides

Studies upon studies have shown there is really no benefit in killing yourself. It does not solve the problems you are trying to tackle. It simply transfers the stress and problems to others. So if you think taking your own life will magically turn the world into a paradise, you need to think again.

7. Wiping Off Of Your Legacy

Taking your life is a very quick way to have yourself forgotten. It is also a way to have all your legacies deleted or even forgotten swiftly. This is especially relevant in societies where suicides are considered to be taboos or grave abominations. You surely do not think it is a good idea to have everything about you wiped out in an instance.

8. Is It Worth It?

This surely sounds like a simple question but it is also one of the most important. When you really ask yourself this and you take time to answer truthfully, you will see that it is really not worth it at all to take your own life.

9. Experience Of Survivors

Thanks to the Internet, there are countless platforms where one can read about suicide survivors. In learning from the experiences of these people, one will see things in a better perspective.

10. Give Yourself A Second Chance

It is often said that everyone deserves a second chance. That also applies to you too. No matter what you have been through, do not be too hard on yourself – give yourself another chance.

11. You Can Be A Blessing To Others

As long as you are alive, you can always be a real blessing to others. You can still change lives and have a major impact on others. But that is only possible if you remain alive.

12. You Can Overcome The Challenges

Every human being on the planet is facing one challenge or the other. Once you realize that and you know that you can overcome them with time, suicide becomes pointless.

13. Your Pet Needs You

If you happen to keep beloved animals like dogs, cats, rabbits or parrots as pets, consider them. Your pet will also suffer if you take your own life.

14. Giving Up Is Not An Option

No matter what you are going through in life, know that giving up is not an option at all. Your best is definitely yet to come.

15. Life Is A Great Opportunity

For you to exist on this planet is an incredible opportunity. That you even exist at all is a huge chance. Make the very best of it.

16. Rethink Your Dreams

If you are going through a rough patch in life, all you need to do is to take a break. Then rethink all your dreams. You can even change locations.

17. Count Your Blessings

It is often said that the grateful ones are those with the highest level of happiness and contentment. By the time you count all your blessings, both small and big, you will have a reason to have broad smiles on your face.

18. Happiness Is Not Impossible

Some have been so badly battered by life that they are almost permanently depressed. However, the good news here is that happiness is not impossible. You can still regain your joy and become full of life once again. If you need to get professional help to achieve this, then you should go for it. Do not for a moment think or imagine that happiness can never be for you again.

19. Test Your Resilience

Life is not always a bed of roses. From time to time, you will have to confront certain specific challenges. Whenever you find yourself in hot waters, do not just give up. These are opportunities for you to test your resilience. In life, when you are handed lemons in life, the best thing you can do is to use them to make lemonade. By testing your resilience from time to time, you can only get better in handling challenges.

20. Help Others

Even though you may consider yourself to be worthless and maybe actively considering suicide, all hope is not lost. You are actually a lot of blessing fo others and there are many people who will gain a lot from you. By merely considering these people, you will see another opportunity at making the best out of life. No matter how challenging your situation is, you can always be of help to others. There is practically no better way to add more value to your life than by adding meaning, value and purpose to the lives of others.

21. Discover Yourself

One thing with life is that you are always learning and discovering more about yourself. There are still very amazing and outstanding things about yourself that you are yet to discover. If you choose to end your life for whatever reason, that means you have shut the door on all the opportunities you have to discover really impressive things about yourself. Do not die without activating all the hidden treasures and potentialities lying within you.

22. Explore Old And New Hobbies

Hobbies are things that we really hold dear and allow us to derive immense pleasure in life. While alive, we often develop even newer hobbies and modify old ones. You might take to traveling or even scuba diving as a hobby when you get old. But all this is only a possibility if you are alive and well. Take time to explore all your passions and confront life with optimism. Discover new interests and immerse yourself in things that uplift your spirit at all times.

23. Focus On Reality

The reality of life is that there will always be ups and downs. Once you have this idea firmly rooted in your mind, nothing will surprise you anymore when the challenges come. Some tend to lose hope because they fail to embrace reality. Do not dwell in fantasy and confront the truths of existence. This will give you a better picture of what life is and in turn, you get to appreciate it better.

24. You Can Get Help

If you find yourself thinking about taking your own life, do not do it. This is because no matter what you are going through, you can always get help. In fact, apart from loved ones and family, there are professionals who are experts in providing succor and effective counseling sessions.

25. Life Is Actually Beautiful

This may sound obvious but not everyone actually appreciates how very beautiful this life is. If you are depressed or getting frustrated with the challenges of life, remain positive-minded and see the beauty in life itself.

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