What Episode Does Luffy Get His Scar

What Episode Does Luffy Get His Scar

One of the most iconic moments in One Piece is when Luffy gets his trademark scar. Do you want to know what happened? What episode was this?

This article will discuss what episode this happened in and give a summary of how it all went down so you can remember for next time.

What Episode Does Luffy Get His Scar?

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The episode that Luffy gets his X scar is Episode 223 when Zoro attacks Luffy. In this episode, Robin’s gang encounters an entranced Zoro on their route to “The Palace of the Sea God.” Zoro seems to want to fight, but Luffy encourages the others to continue without him as he stays back and fights Zoro. 

They capture the young man they suspected of stealing their memories. The seahorse, on the other hand, was taking their memories. Zoro reappears, still entranced, but Luffy has vanished. The X scar that Luffy receives is similar to the great cut he receives from Akainu later on.

Luffy has another scar on this face from a different episode. Luffy attempts to persuade Red-Haired Shanks to recruit him as a crew member, but the two-armed captain simply laughs at the child’s piracy fantasies. Luffy grabs a knife and stabs himself in the eye to demonstrate his dedication and toughness, shocking Shanks’ crew.

What Is One Piece?

One Piece is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda. It has been serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump since August 1997, with the chapters collected into eighty-two tankōbon volumes to date. One Piece follows the adventures of Monkey D Luffy, a young man whose body gained rubber properties after unintentionally eating a Devil Fruit and his diverse crew of pirates, named the Straw Hat Pirates. 

Luffy explores the ocean in search of the legendary treasure One Piece to become the next Pirate King. Over time, a large community has grown around this manga series, with many people creating their own fan-fiction stories on one Piece.

The Characters In One Piece

There are a lot of characters in the One Piece series. Most of these anime characters have unique abilities and backstories that make them fun to watch. Popular main characters include Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Sanji, and Chopper.

Let’s look at each of these characters:

Luffy is the protagonist of One Piece. He’s a rubber man who ate a devil fruit and thus gained his powers, which allow him to stretch any part of his body in an almost unnatural way. He has spiky black hair and often wears a red vest and shorts with white stripes on them. Luffy also usually eats strange things like rubber or spicy food. His name is Monkey D Luffy, and he’s one of the main characters in One Piece.

Zoro is another famous character in the One Piece series. He’s Luffy’s friend and also his swordsman, meaning he fights with a sword. Zoro is one of the legendary seven pirates who ate a devil fruit and gained special abilities. Like Luffy, he has eaten a devil fruit which allows him to become even stronger after every battle he wins (losing battles weaken him). He also has three sword fighting styles.

Nami is one of the women in One Piece who many characters consider beautiful, even though she doesn’t think so herself. She usually wears a shirt and shorts with boots on them and an orange bandana that ties her hair up into two ponytails. She dreams of drawing and making maps, so she’s often given jobs on the Straw Hat Pirates ships to get money for what she needs.

Usopp is another main character in One Piece who Luffy recruited into his crew when he met him. Usopp doesn’t fight with any special powers or abilities like most other One Piece anime characters, but his slingshot helps him fight against enemies in the series. He fears spiders, which makes some battles difficult for him, even though he’s still considered one of the prominent crew members on The Straw Hat Pirates ship.

Sanji is another member of Luffy’s pirate crew who joined them in the Baratie restaurant. He’s known to be a good cook and is almost always seen wearing an outfit that consists of black pants, a white shirt with an upturned collar underneath his chef uniform top. He has dark hair that he keeps slicked back and often wears sunglasses because of lousy eyesight without them.

Sanji also has a fighting style that uses kicks and is one of the only characters in One Piece who has a devil fruit ability to control fire.

Chopper is another character from One Piece, but he’s not exactly like all the other anime characters because he’s a reindeer (or, some would say, monster). He was initially known as Hiruluk’s blue nose and was a pet of Dr. Hiluluk on Drum Island, where he first met Luffy and the rest of The Straw Hat Pirates crew. He eats Rumble Balls which give him different abilities depending on how many balls he consumes at once, but they also have side effects such as causing him to see strange things or change his personality for a while.

Ace is Luffy’s older brother who was adopted by the Pirate King when he found him in a burning village. Ace has fire powers which makes his appearance similar to that of an Oni, and many people say he looks just like Luffy with red hair instead of black (and no hat). Sabo is another character from One Piece who is similar to Luffy and Ace. Wealthy parents raised him, but he ran away from his home to become a pirate, just like Ace did before him.

Franky is a character from One Piece who Luffy and the crew meet when they arrive in Water Seven. He’s known to be an excellent shipwright, which means he can build ships, but most of his body has been replaced with cyborg parts after being caught up in a fight between two pirate crews that destroyed most of him.

Brook is another member of The Straw Hat Pirates Crew in One Piece. He was initially a member of the Rumbar Pirates. Still, when his entire crew died, he decided to join Luffy’s group instead where they welcomed him with open arms. This is despite Brook being made up mostly of bones because he’d been put under an evil spell that turned him into a skeleton before meeting The Straw Hat Pirates.

Jimbei is a character from One Piece who joins the Straw Hat Pirates crew after meeting him in the Sea Forest. He’s known to be an excellent swordsman and is friends with another member of Luffy’s group, Rayleigh (who also happens to be his former teacher).

Shanks is one of the main characters in the One Piece anime series and Luffy’s hero. He’s known to be a pirate with fiery red hair, three scars on his left eye, and he always wears a straw hat that has been turned brown from dirt because it gets more comfortable that way.

Buggy is another character from One Piece who used to work as the Pirate King Gol D Roger’s first mate until he decided to steal his ship, the Going Merry. He’s known for having a strange laugh and wearing a pirate hat shaped like a woman’s high heel shoe, which he also wears on his head since it was made out of part of Shanks’ straw hat.

Facts about Luffy In One Piece

  • Luffy has a scar under his left eye from stabbing himself with a knife to prove that he could become the Pirate King.
  • Luffy’s favorite food is meat. He could eat it three times a day and would be perfectly content with doing so. His least favorite is vegetables, to the point of vomiting when he eats them if necessary (such as in order to not offend any hosts at his eating places).
  • Luffy has an ability called “Gomu Gomu no Mi” (Rubber Rubber Fruit), which allows him to turn his body into rubber.
  • His favorite type of transportation is the King of Red Lions in “The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker.” He also enjoys riding on the back of a sea turtle named Baiji that he befriended.
  • Luffy’s favorite color is red, and he will always wear a red shirt along with his trademark yellow straw hat.
  • Luffy has a scar on his chest from where Akainu stabbed him.


Luffy is one of the most powerful characters in One Piece. His strength, intelligence, and determination are unmatched by any other character in the series. He has an unbreakable spirit that drives him to succeed no matter what obstacle he faces. Even though it’s been over a decade since his first appearance, Luffy continues to be one of the strongest heroes on television today.

This is a great manga that is funny and entertaining but also has some serious parts where you can’t help but be emotional for the characters. Anyone who likes pirates or adventure stories should go for One Piece.

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