What Makes The Elnur Mattira Boiler The Best On The Market

What Makes The Elnur Mattira Boiler The Best On The Market

You can buy Elnur Mattira electric boilers in outputs of 3 kW to 15 kW, with the 10 kW being the best buy for small properties with around seven radiators. The Elnur Mattira 7kW is also a popular option, and is also a great buy for even smaller homes with four to six radiators and just one bathroom. 

The Elnur Mattira 7kW Combi Electric Boiler is a condensing unit with a 100% efficiency rating. A boiler’s efficiency rating tells you the amount of energy that gets lost when hot water and heat are being produced. The higher the rating, the better. The fact that this particular electric boiler helps reduce your carbon footprint means you’ll also get lower energy bills.

A Good Choice

To reduce carbon emissions, there will need to be a change in how we heat our homes. Most homes currently burn gas and oil, but this releases carbon into the atmosphere, which is the main reason why our climate is changing.

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As the planet is running low on oil and gas, we may soon lean on electricity as an alternative heating solution. While there’s that fact that emissions aren’t produced by electric boilers, that isn’t the only benefit. Yes, electricity might be costly, but it has its advantages when it comes to heating the home. You get a fast response to calls for hot water and central heating, there’s flexible installation, and there’s no risk of you experiencing a carbon monoxide leak.


The Elnur Mattira has an ErP D-rating for heat and 36.4 percent efficiency. Efficiencies for electric boilers appear low as fossil fuels are burned in the process of generating electricity. This is regarded as being carbon intensive.

The Smart Energy Modulating System makes it possible to increase the Mattira’s efficiency to 100%. The SEM works out energy demand vs consumption every 20 seconds and modulates heating output. The price makes sure that your boiler never uses more energy than required.

Key Features

A Mattira boiler is built for wall-mounted installation. It also features a 100C heating temperature limiter, a 61 expansion vessel, silent power switches, a user-friendly digital display, stainless steel shielded components, and increased efficiency thanks to the insulated steel. Each of these features helps to make the electric boiler both effective and highly efficient.

Other features of an Elur Matira boiler include a key lock facility that affords you maximum control over the unit, an expansion vessel pump, 50 litres of water storage, and adjustable temperature.

Safety Features

Mattira heaters are designed in such a way that longevity is guaranteed. Your system never gets clogged with stagnant water thanks to internal programs. When it hasn’t been used for a prolonged period, the water is removed to prevent it from becoming a problem

Mattira electric boilers also feature a stainless steel water tank, which means that you won’t need to worry about corrosion, so you can use the unit safely and effectively for an expensive period of time.

Cost Savings

The Elnur Mattira could save you money over an oil or gas boiler. The fact they’re easy to install also makes installation cheaper. While recommended, it isn’t essential to arrange an annual service, and as there are fewer moving parts, it’s less likely that it will need a repair. While you can save on costs in these areas, there’s a high fuel factor to electricity that leads to higher running costs, however.

The Benefits of Electric Combi Boilers

Today’s homeowners care about the environment. And as there are still two million homes in the UK not connected to a gas supply, they could consider making the decision to install an electric combi boiler.

As they’re compact in size, these combined boilers are perfectly suited for those smaller homes with less need for hot water and with limited storage. They make a great replacement boiler to protect the environment and cut down on energy bills.

As there are no CO2 emissions with electric boilers, they create less pollution in the air. They also don’t cost as much to install and don’t require maintenance checks like oil or gas boilers. Technological advancements mean electric central heating units are as reliable as oil and gas, although they’re more costly to run.

However, those homeowners who qualify for Economy 10 or Economy 7 tariffs and either have solar panels or install dry core storage or a storage boiler can lower their energy bills through better energy consumption management.

For smaller households without a high demand for hot water, an electric central heating system is a good choice.