Recliners For Tall People

Recliners For Tall People

Many tall people need chairs that would be comfortable for them to relax, and that is where reclining chairs come in handy. They allow you to set the position so that you can relax, watch TV, or even take a nap. We will analyze the main modifications of such models and tell you what to pay attention to when choosing.

Types Of Recliners Suitable For Tall People

  1. Relax chairs. This option has characteristic features in the form of a round wooden base and a separate footstool with a variable angle of inclination, which is very convenient. The model has a classic look, while having quite compact dimensions, which is important is your space is limited. Often the set is completed with a laptop table and a small stand for cups and other small items. 
  2. Rotating modifications with a folding back. They are suitable for more modern interiors. In them, the footrest can be separate, or it can be included in the design of the chair and can be extended by a special mechanism. The stands can be either in the form of a cross made of wood or metal or a round or square plate. The choice of a specific solution depends on the style of furniture you need. 
  3. A classic recliner chair with a transformation mechanism, including a backrest and a footrest. This option is convenient since the legs are not located on a separate small stand, but on a solid element that extends from under the seat and creates a comfortable surface. Such solutions are usually expensive because of the complex mechanism, but they also have the appropriate quality. 
  4. Chair lifts with a folding back. Modern solutions in which the seat can be raised or lowered by gas lift, and the reclining backrest allows you to relax and change the sitting position if necessary. Often in such models, there is also the possibility of rocking, which allows you to use this product as a rocking chair, and if you need a certain position, then the backrest is simply fixed in it. A separate headboard provides optimal support for the neck because you can adjust the position of this element for the greatest convenience. 
  5. Mesh models. Another modern solution that is becoming increasingly popular. Its distinctive feature is that both the seat and the backrest are made of a special mesh, which is well stretched and makes for an optimal body position, giving the chair some orthopedic properties. But the main advantage of the mesh is that it provides excellent ventilation, and if you spread out the back, you can relax even on a hot day. It is difficult to do this on classic leather upholstery. 
  6. Models with electric drive. This type is distinguished by the fact that the system can be unfolded and folded without effort – you just need to press a button on the remote control. This is the most convenient solution, which is also great for those who have health problems. There are more expensive models with temperature control mode, built-in fans, radio, USB outputs, and much more. 

Main Features Of Recliners To Pay Attention To

The first thing to keep in mind is that the design of the chair should allow you to take a comfortable position, and the backrest can be placed in different positions, so anyone will find the optimal solution that allows you to relax. The chair must be reliable and easy to use so that you do not make any harm to your back when lowering and lifting the system. 

The footrest is another important element of the system. In modern versions the stand is hidden in the case and can be extended if necessary. On the other hand, in traditional solutions, it is a separate stool, which in itself looks solid and complements the chair. When considering this element, remember that it should not be very short, so that the legs do not hang down very much. 

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If you need a mobile version, choose a model on wheels. It will allow you to move around the room without getting up from the seat and turn in any direction, which is very convenient. It is important to choose models with strong rubberized wheels that will not damage the surface.

How To Choose A Reclining Chair For Tall People

To make it easier for you to choose reclining chairs, look at the review of the most popular modern recliners, made by experts. Since recliners are not cheap furniture, then it is worth choosing them with all care. In order not to make a mistake, remember a few simple recommendations.

1. Comfort

First of all, make sure that you are comfortable in the chair. This type of furniture is selected individually, so you should check it in all positions, from the basic position to the fully reclined one. You should be comfortable and pay special attention to the footrest, especially if it is built-in; the design should not be too short. You should not buy the first model – check at least 5–6 options, the only way to understand where it is convenient for you. 

2. Design Features

Above, we have analyzed all the main types of chairs you should know to decide on the optimal configuration. There are both classic solutions and modern models with a laptop bracket or a convenient movable table. It is important to understand how much space you have if you use a model with a separate footrest, and then remember that it takes up additional space. 

3. The Style of Execution

Here the interior comes to the fore, in which a folding chair is selected. Solid massive models are suitable for classic environments; for modern ones – lighter solutions made of plastic or wood. It is important that the chair is combined with the interior and does not look like a foreign object. An excellent solution is to buy a set of furniture. Often manufacturers sell entire collections from which the necessary elements are selected. 

4. The Material of the Frame

Usually, the supporting structure is made of solid wood or metal. Wood has an attractive appearance. Open frames look especially impressive. Metal versions are very strong and durable and at the same time have a small weight. Each mount can withstand high loads, which is important for mobile systems. They are used in those models where the mechanism is hidden behind the upholstery, since the appearance of such solutions is not the most attractive.

5. Upholstery Material

There are several options: 

  • Genuine leather is one of the most popular solutions. It is reliable and attractive, but it is also expensive and may not be comfortable on hot days.
  • Eco-leather is an artificial analog; it looks great, but it is inferior to leather in terms of durability.
  • Furniture fabrics. The range is simply huge. When choosing, be guided not only by the appearance but also by the wear resistance. The fabric should lend itself well to cleaning.

Advantages Of Having A Recliner

The furniture with a folding back is characterized by convenience. Chairs are usually very soft, and they are very comfortable to sit on, even if the back is not reclined. These options belong to premium-class furniture and are distinguished by quality and durability. High-quality materials are used in the design, so the structures retain an attractive appearance for a long time. 

The footrest allows you to sit on the chair much more comfortably. After a busy day, you can relax and stretch your legs to relieve tension. The leg support can be either built-in or separate, which is also convenient, since you can choose what feels most comfortable.

When the backrest is fixed in different positions, it allows you to choose the best option for all family members, and a minimum of time and effort is spent on this. There are models with a full unfolding of the backrest. They replace the couch, on which you can even sleep if you need an extra bed. 

How To Sit In A Recliner? 

Your position in a recliner plays the most significant role in the health of your back. You can read a lot about the ergonomics of recliners and the right position in them. Here are some key moments. The armrests of your recliner should be adjustable to the level of the elbows. The height of the table should be equal to the height of the armrests. It is important to sit as deep as possible in the chair and as close as possible to the edge of the table so that you do not reach for the keyboard. Otherwise, any back of the recliner will not be functional. The load should be evenly distributed over the entire surface of the back, and this is possible only in a slightly tilted back position, with straight shoulders and a fully open chest. It is also important to adjust the display height to eye level and at arm’s length. 


Sedentary work often leads to increased fatigue, back pain, leg swelling, and poor posture. As a result, various diseases of the musculoskeletal system and circulatory system develop. Your main requirements for the chair may be the following: that the back does not get tired during work, and the design of the chair is strong. Take care of your health!