Autonomous SmartDesk 2 Review: Why We Need A Standing Desk?

Autonomous SmartDesk 2 Review

Upgrade to a desk that gives you a healthy advantage of working while alternating between standing and sitting positions.

Autonomous as a brand continues to focus on building affordable desks for its target audience of working professionals. Its smartdesk has adjustable settings, which make every transition smooth and convenient. You may choose to sit for some hours and prefer to stretch your legs for the remaining time. 

The smartdesk 2 review boasts of the multiple times you can adjust this office desk in one working day. Hunching over your laptop all day or slouching on a couch while attempting to work ruins your posture. Investing in a standing desk contributes to significantly enhancing your work from home experience.

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Highlights Of The Autonomous Smartdesk 2 Review  

Listed here are the many positives that every Autonomous standing desk review reveals:

  • Sturdy, sleek, and modern build in high-quality finish and colors 
  • Seamless and quiet electric transitions between sit-and-stand modes
  • Programming includes four adjustable height settings 
  • Smart desk models have the backing of recognized certifications and warranty provisions
  • Can withstand desktop equipment weight of well over 100 kilos
  • Among the most affordable standing desk offerings in the market
  • Padding under the desk’s legs are adjustable, which eliminates wobbling even on uneven floorboards

As per an desk review, this brand willingly provides customer-friendly options. Should you only intend to source the base of the desk and match it with a sturdy top surface, you may proceed. 

Functional Aspects

The intent of Autonomous from its inception has been to design quality, flexible, and durable sit-stand electric desks. Smartdesk 2 premium review dwells on this functional workstation which, besides being financially viable, also improves your productivity. You can conceal your power cords by using the cable drops and ties provisions.

Its sturdy steel frame with a pair of legs provides a strong base and gives you plenty of room to maneuver. There is no fear of accidentally bumping your knee or stubbing your toe while changing positions. The dual-motor system assures you of speed and silence while transitioning between heights.

You can pre-program your preferred height setting and press a button to make the shift, especially when the desk is a shared space. An appealing quality of the smartdesk 2 home office review is its straightforward set-up. The combination of detailed printed and visual instructions simplifies the assembly process.

Why The Shift To A Standing Desk?

Sitting for hours together goes against the human body’s need for active movement thereby, reiterating its downside. While seated, your lower half remains relatively static, resulting in decreased circulation within that region. The smartdesk 2 review outlines how standing and moving about while working keeps aches at bay.

Completely avoiding sitting is not feasible, which is why Autonomous smartdesk 2 review recommends a healthy mix involving:

  • Taking frequent breaks by setting reminders to stretch, stand, and walk
  • Placing work-related items a little away from your desk compelling you to get up to fetch them
  • Using the time spent on telephonic discussions to take a little stroll
  • Evaluating hard copy documents while on the move instead of sitting and reading
  • Choosing stairs over the elevators
  • Moving away from your desk for your lunch break
  • Aiming to exceed ten thousand steps per day
  • Reducing the stiffness in your arms, shoulders, neck, and ankles by frequently extending and rotating them

Elevate Your Work Area

Modern workstations grant you the flexibility to configure them to suit your specific needs. Smart desks are overtaking their traditional counterparts for every good reason. The many outstanding features the Autonomous standing desk review brings to the fore, making it a practical and attractive alternative. 

Experts offer the following advice to improve the functionality and elevate the comfort of your workspace:

  • Place your monitor screen an arm’s length away is a recommendation you come across in a dependable smartdesk 2 review.
  • Look straight ahead while working such that the top of your monitor is at the same level as your forehead.
  • Operate your keyboard by bending your elbows and resting them on either side of you
  • Keep your hips and knees at a 90-degree angle while seated
  • Rest your feet firmly on the ground or use a footrest should you need to sit or stand tall
  • Sit in an upright position, so your back is fully supported while sitting
  • Avoid leaning forward towards your computer screen as it puts pressure on your upper back and neck

Issues That Standing Desks Resolve

When you sit for extended durations, joint pains, neck strains, weakened bones, herniated discs, and muscle degeneration are common complaints. The convenience to switch between standing and sitting postures prevents your body from enduring undue stress. 

Smartdesk 2 home office review talks about varying your posture to combat health risks associated with constant sitting. It is scientifically proven that sit-stand desks significantly improve energy levels, blood circulation, concentration, productivity, and creativity. 

Desk jobs conventionally involve spending a major chunk of your working hours seated. The introduction of smart desks has brought about a favorable shift. 

From a smartdesk 2 review, it is evident how juggling between standing and sitting modes burns more calories. As opposed to sitting, standing does not add to your levels of harmful fats and sugars. 

Taking The Right Stand 

Even a smartdesk 2 premium review does not recommend you continuously stand and work. Alternate between sitting and standing during the hours you spend at your desk. 

Begin by standing for at least half an hour at different intervals. Once you get used to working in this position, gradually increase the duration to two or more hours without compromising your comfort. 

Align your body to your standing desk such that your spine, neck, and head form a straight line. Instead of standing static, transfer your body weight from one leg to another to avoid tiring out fast.

Wear comfortable footwear and for additional support, stand on a cushioned surface. Every half hour or so, move away from your desk for a walk and welcome diversion. 

Do You Need A Standing Desk?

Without a doubt, standing desks are beneficial to your well-being. The years spent sitting, and working can wear your body down. Any Smartdesk 2 review displays how modern workstations adapt to your needs, unlike traditional office desks.

You need a standing desk to:

Lower the Risk of Gaining Weight 

Although nothing beats exercising when you aim to lose weight, choosing to stand rather than sit is also very rewarding. This habit of breaking your sedentary lifestyle, especially after a meal, aids your digestion. You can stay clear of obesity and metabolic conditions when you burn more calories while standing.

Improve Your Mood

When you stand up and get moving, you have a better chance of overcoming feelings of anxiety, stress, and depression. Focusing on your mental health is critical to your productivity and overall happiness. High energy levels and mental alertness allows you to perform your daily tasks more efficiently.

Reduce Back Pain

Employees who work at a desk while seated all day most often suffer from severe back pain. The incorrect posture and extended hours of sitting in one position take their toll on your back and neck. Switching over to a standing desk is known to bring immense relief if you are battling chronic pain in these regions.

Enhance Team Bonding

Standing at your desk makes it easier to approach another team member for a quick discussion on an urgent or informal matter. You do not waste time convincing yourself to give up your comfortable seated position and head over. A standing desk office environment is friendlier as it opens communication channels.

Boost Productivity

A healthy mix of standing and breaking the monotony by sitting when your legs need rest boosts your productivity. Standing desks do not aim to replace but complement sitting. Using such smart desks to your advantage allows you to complete your tasks more effectively without feeling undue pressure.

Practice a Healthy Lifestyle

It takes a while to develop the habit of standing and working; hence, a smartdesk 2 review suggests moderate use initially. Standing desks may cause slight discomfort in your legs to begin with till you adapt entirely to this healthy practice. Placing your feet on a comfy floor mat instead of a hard surface activates your pressure points.

Consider a Purchase

If you have not already invested in a standing desk, it is worth sourcing a quality Autonomous model. When making a purchase, evaluate the product taking the listed factors into account:

  • The desk noise level when making a transition
  • The speed with which adjustments are completed
  • The extent of programmable electric features and their ease of operation
  • Possibilities of customization

Take the plunge and invest in a smart desk that allows you to switch your working position effortlessly. Given the many appealing attributes of a standing desk, using this office equipment will delight you no end.