Is The Ring Doorbell Waterproof? Protecting The Ring Doorbell

is the ring doorbell waterproof

The ring doorbell is a popular item in most modern homes. The ring doorbell installation is usually on the outer part of the front door. 

Therefore, this exposes it to the different weather conditions. Those living in areas with a fair share of rainfall, storms, and hurricanes must be worried about their water resistance capability. 

In this article, you will find all the answers you need about the doorbell and its waterproof capability. So let’s find out. 

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Is the ring doorbell waterproof?

The ring doorbell is not entirely waterproof, but it’s water-resistant. To make it more waterproof, you can install a waterproof cover that prevents water from reaching the casing of the doorbell. 

The waterproof cover offers more protection. In addition, if you install the ring doorbell in places that lack shelter above them, this indeed exposes the doorbell to torrential downpours. 

After some time, water will start seeping through and cause damages. Overall, ring doorbells are water-resistant and pack several features to protect them from rainwater.

What Happens If the Ring Doorbell Gets Wet

It would be best if you indeed offered additional protection to your ring doorbell from rainfall or moisture since it’s usually on the outside. 

For the doorbell to perfectly function and offer you the optimum performance, you have to protect it against moisture and other elements. 

If water sips through the ring doorbell, it will form water droplets inside it. The moisture will undoubtedly lead to a short circuit and possible device malfunction.

The Ring Doorbell Vs. The Different Elements

Manufacturers advertise the ring doorbell as waterproof. Still, the manufacturers warn against regularly exposing the ring doorbell to water. 

The device has several water-resistant features that offer extra protection in the worst-case scenario. 

The ring doorbell is resistant to rainwater, but it gets damaged and stops working if you submerge it underwater.

Protecting The Ring Doorbell 

Some ring doorbells come with covers that protect them from extreme weather. However, if the doorbells lack covers, there are several alternative ways of protecting them.

Different types of aftermarket covers will indeed protect your ring doorbell. You can also use the weather blocking mount. 

It will offer protection against the rain and sun. The mount functions by blocking sun glares and relieving the rainfall intensity that your ring doorbell experiences. 

However, the ring doorbell cover is the best inexpensive alternative, and they look quite pretty. Today the ring doorbell is prevalent in many homes because of its advanced safety features and user-friendly interface. 

The introduction of the rind doorbell has seen a reduction of about 50% of burglaries in most homes.

The other way to protect your doorbell is by covering its small gaps using acrylic material or silicon. Either of the material will indeed protect your ring doorbell, ensuring it’s waterproof. 

Overall you should note that if your ring has no cover over it, the risks of damage from water or moisture are pretty high. However, it’s scarce for the rain to damage the ring or happen after a long period. 

Protecting The Door Ring From Elements 

The door ring has several features that allow it to withstand extreme climatic conditions such as sunlight, rain, or hail.


The main issue that sunlight might cause is the lens glare. When the sunlight directly hits your camera lens, it will lead to poor video quality. 

If the system is overexposed to the sunlight, it will overheat your system. At certain times excess heat from the sunlight will trigger the PIR sensor. 

The sensor usually detects motion using heat, which might cause it to give false alarms. The best way to protect your ring doorbell from this issue is by using the sun shield or wedge. 

Please place it in a position that makes it angle the doorbell. It will prevent the sunlight from directly reaching your doorknob, and thus, you will have a clear image quality. 

The sun shields will cover doorbells and also effectively protect your doorbell. However, it would be best to use the sun shield type that sits around your doorbell and not overhead since it can cause overheating.


The ring doorbell has features that make it water-resistant however it can only offer total protection for a short time frame. The doorbell cannot withstand strong jets of water impact such as those from heavy rains. 

The water usually penetrates the outer casing to the interior parts, and this causes damage to the doorbell. 

As mentioned, one of the best ways to protect the doorbell from rain is by using the shield, and it will offer excellent physical protection to your device. 

Another great alternative is using the waterproof cover; it will prevent water from sipping through to the inside parts of the doorbell. The waterproof cover is a cheaper option that will offer you convenience.

Extreme Heat and Cold

Most doorbells operate on a battery and can effectively work in a temperature range of -5 degrees up to 120 degrees. 

The lowest temperature the device can withstand and operate normally is -22 degrees, and that’s if you wire it directly to the electrical circuit. 

If the temperature is freezing, it will affect the motion detection feature and drain the battery faster. 

You can overcome this by regularly monitoring your battery and ensuring it’s at 100% charge every time you remount it. 

Understanding The Terms (According To Manufacturers)

Water Proof

You need to understand the concept behind this term. No manufacturer can declare their product is 100% waterproof. The ratings are usually on the scale of 00 to 68. 

The rating is known as Ingress Protection (IP). A product with the 00 ratings has no protection, while that with 68 ratings has total protection against elements such as moisture and dust. 

The rating has double digits representing protection level against solids and liquids, respectively. If a product’s number is X, the product doesn’t have the rating for that specification. 

Therefore the ring doorbell cannot be termed to be fully waterproof. The device lies somewhere between waterproof and water-resistant. 

Therefore you have to add extra protection for the device to withstand harsh climatic conditions. Several ways to improve protection are in the above sections. 

Water Repellent 

Any device rated as water-resistant almost has the qualities of a water-resistant surface. The water-repellant devices bodies have coatings with hydrophobic properties that repel water. 

Finding a product with water repellent features and durable is rare. Plus, water repellent technology is not conventional in the market.


The water-resistant quality is the lowest form or level of water protection. The devices with the water-resistant label can only withstand the occasional showers. 

The coatings of most water-resistant devices have unique materials like Teflon. The Teflon material is popular in non-stick frying pans. The watches are the most popular devices that come with water-resistant labels.


Weatherproof means that the device or product has protection against any weather conditions. The device can perfectly work in any weather type without issues. 

Just like the waterproof feature, weatherproof also has a measuring scale. Several products with the weatherproof label can work okay in typical weather conditions, and others can perfectly withstand natural disasters. 

The Set-Up And Installation Of The Ring Doorbell

The set-up of the ring doorbell is reasonably straightforward. According to several homeowners, the set-up process takes 30 minutes to complete. 

The first simple step is downloading the ring app available for various operating systems. You then login into your account; if you already have one, the first-time users need to create an account

After creating an account, you choose a set-up device and give it a custom name. The next step will be to enter your home’s location. 

The doorbell then goes into set-up mode, establishing a wireless internet connection. Ensure it’s the main Wi-Fi you use in your home

Once the doorbell connects to the Wi-Fi, there will be a test run before completing the set-up. The installation process will depend on two things. 

If there is an existing doorbell on the space is empty. If the door has an existing doorbell, you will have to remove it by unscrewing it. 


The ring doorbells are unquestionably among some of the best devices in the market. The doorbells have several unique features and advantages that make them a gem, such as the waterproof feature. 

The ring doorbells cannot withstand the most adverse weather conditions. However, with slight modifications such as those highlighted in this article, the device will be as good as waterproof. 

Protecting your ring doorbell from strong winds, snow, and rainfall is essential. It will allow it to function more efficiently and effectively. 

The absence of IP ratings on the device tells you to need to take extra steps in protecting your doorbell.