7 Luxury RV Accessories That Are Actually Worth It

7 Luxury RV Accessories That Are Actually Worth It

Summer is in full swing, and there’s no better time for a road trip. So why not hit the road in a luxury RV? It’s an excellent way to travel cross-country on four wheels without sacrificing comfort or style – can you imagine the vacation photos you’ll come home with? Whether you travel solo, with friends, or with the whole family, a luxury RV makes for an ultra-unique road trip and camping experience you’ll never forget. However, there’s more to luxury camping than just the vehicle itself. The RV accessories you bring along for the ride are often just as important.

From camping essentials like cooking tools and water filters to comfort accessories like folding chairs and even a portable hot tub, luxury RV accessories can take your entire travel experience to the next level. 

Enhance Your Luxury RV Experience With Useful Accessories

Before we get into what the best accessories for your Luxury RV are, let’s first discuss why they matter. Of course, one of the main reasons for bringing accessories on your trip is for added luxury and comfort. If you’re going “glamping,” as they say, then you might as well go all out! 

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In addition to enhancing your RV travel experience, many accessories are not only for comfort but also for added safety. For instance, some luxury RV accessories can provide extra power or cell service in the case of an emergency. Some others can provide convenient protection from the sun, which prevents sunburn and dehydration during those hot summer days. 

So, are you ready to upgrade your Luxury RV experience? Prepare for your next big summer road trip by snagging the seven useful RV camping accessories below. 

1. Inflatable Hot Tub 

Nothing says luxury camping like an inflatable hot tub! Whether you are camping out in the desert, going off the grid in the mountains, or tucked away in the forest, there’s nothing like ending a long day of adventuring with a good old fashioned jacuzzi session. With an inflatable hot tub, you can tightly fold it, pack it, and fit it easily into your RV. Not only is an inflatable hot tub convenient to bring, but setting it up at your destination is a breeze. Just fill it with air and add water! An inflatable hot tub can be a fun addition to a camping trip with friends or create a romantic night under the stars with your special someone.

2. Portable Fire Pit

For staying warm on those cool summer nights or roasting smores after the sun goes down, a portable fire pit is a must for every RV trip. It’s great because you don’t have to worry about the mess, hazard, and hassle of setting up an actual fire. Therefore, a portable option is a safer and more convenient way to go, while still maintaining the magic of a classic campfire. 

3. Foldable Camping Chairs

Speaking of a portable fire pit, you’ll need something to sit on when you gather around your nightly campfire! Ditch the discomfort of sitting on logs and rocks, and opt for a comfortable seating option instead. Foldable camping chairs make every RV trip better. They will give you convenient and comfortable seating outside of the RV, so you can enjoy the outdoors and fresh air while resting your feet. 

4. Water Purification System

Of course, water is a necessity for every RV trip, especially if you’re heading somewhere far away from civilization. Therefore, a water purification system is always a good thing to have on board. This ensures you have clean and safe drinking water no matter where you go. A water purification system will remove any harmful bacteria or unwanted particles from fresh water. Not only does this make drinking water on the road safer, but it will also taste better! 

5. Cell Signal Booster 

Having reliable cell service ensures an added level of safety on every trip. Whether you run out of gas, get lost, or there’s an accident, a cell signal booster will help you reach the help you need in no time. 

6. Portable Propane Grill or Skillet

It’s time for a camping cookout! Make the most of your camping experience by cooking your meals on a portable propane grill and skillet. Pancakes for breakfast, grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch, and hot baked beans for dinner – now that’s a successful luxury RV camping trip!

7. Detachable Canopy 

Hide away from the hot summer sun with a detachable canopy. Just hook the canopy to the side of your luxury RV, then remove it before heading back out on the road. This is an easy way to recover from your outdoor adventures and relax in the shade. Plus, storing your water coolers, food, and other supplies under the canopy will help keep them cool despite the toasty temperatures outside.