How To Get Around Maine Without A Car  

How To Get Around Maine Without A Car  

Maine’s nearly coast-to-coast span makes it difficult to travel through without a car. Yet it can work if you’re planning a road trip around the state. 

You might be wondering how to go around this city without your car, but sightseeing in Maine is at its peak when you are looking from the passenger’s seat. However, there are options for traveling within and between cities and towns by different modes of transportation like foot, bike, train, and boat. Depending on where you’re headed, you can even take buses from Boston to Portland

One thing Maine is not short of is its options for getting around without a car. Although many of these options require planning or sturdy walking shoes, they can be a more pleasant way to see Maine’s back roads than renting your wheels. Some of them are:

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1. Ride-Sharing Services

Ride-sharing services are the easiest way to get around Maine. If you’re not familiar with them, ride-sharing is when you use your smartphone to order a car service at the touch of a button and pay for it directly through the app without carrying cash. 

These services offer affordable rides from point A to B, with prices usually comparable to public transportation. They also use GPS technology to match passengers with drivers nearby who have been certified by the company and passed background checks. You can use these services to enjoy the scenery of Maine without the hassle of driving around.

2. Trolley Rides

Trolleys are a great way to get around if you’re not in the mood to walk or don’t want to bike. They are free, fun, and can take you to your destination quickly. They’re great for tourists because you can access different places with ease.

If you stayed in Maine long enough, there’s a chance your car might break down at some point. This can be highly stressful, especially while on vacation or late for work. So, if you find yourself in this situation, you can use the free trolley rides to reach your destination. You can also use them for your daily rides to reduce the cost of buying gas or a car.

3. Biking

Another standard mode of transportation in Maine is biking, with the city embracing it as an essential transport system. Some hotels even offer complimentary bikes to guests who want to explore the city. You can check your hotel beforehand to see if such an offer is available for you.

Bike rental services also rent out their bikes for sightseeing, exercise, or getting to work early. However, it’s crucial to wear your helmet for protection when riding your bike. You should also ensure there is enough space between you and the cars before passing them.

Moreover, keep an eye out for potholes along your route, so they don’t ruin your ride. Lastly, carry water with you while biking to avoid dehydration, especially during the summer months of June to September. These are also part of the laws implemented to help you experience the city’s beauty.

4. Walking

If your destination is not far, walking is a great way to get around Maine without a car. Besides the firsthand view of the beautiful city, it’s also good for your health and helps you save money

You can walk anywhere in Maine. You can also enjoy adventures such as walking along rocky coastlines where only seals live, exploring forests of your choice, discovering hidden lakes high above tree lines, and camping out under the stars as big as ones on postcards.

5. Buses

Maine’s bus system is extensive, affordable, and reliable. It’s also safe and environmentally friendly, giving you a good feeling about switching to public transportation. Getting around with a car can be stressful, though, as you have to deal with traffic jams and parking fees. You’ll save time and money by taking the bus while keeping your carbon footprint in check. This will also allow you to explore parts of the city even if they’re not your target location. Sightseeing at its peak, right?


There are many easy and fun ways to get around Maine without a car. If your dream vacation involves walking down sandy beaches and exploring picturesque towns, there are plenty of things to do and see within walking distance of your lodging. You can also catch local bus routes or hop on a trolley when you need an adventure away from your home base. You can even bike around town if you need to sweat it off. All these and more await you in Maine.