Is Bermuda A Country?

Is Bermuda A Country

With a landmass of only 21 square miles, Bermuda is a British Overseas territory (BOT) even though it is quite different from other BOTs in two distinct ways. Bermuda holds the reputation of being the oldest among islands, countries, and territories within the British Commonwealth of Nations among England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Canada and Wales. The big question however is; is Bermuda a country?

Is Bermuda a Country?

A big yes!

Bermuda has been governing itself completely for a very long time and is the smallest among the 14 BOTs. It is worthy of note to state that the government of Bermuda is an independent territory of the United Kingdom and even has its own set of rules.

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Although Bermuda is small in terms of size, it has no affiliations with any of the European Union laws. A number of Americans visiting Bermuda always wrongly assume that the UK laws are applicable within the territory. They are not applicable!

Is Bermuda Safe For Vacation?

Yes! If Bermuda were not safe on a general note, it certainly would not rank as one of the best travel destinations in the world. However, just as it is with other destinations world over, there exist some risks in terms of safety and health and some of them are quite peculiar to the island.  Hence, if you are not adequately prepared, you may end up as a victim of such problems which can negatively affect your vacation.

However, with the right amount of information, you should be able to steer clear of all such risks. As far as health risks are concerned, knowing the do’s and don’ts should go a long way in lowering the risks of becoming a victim.

What Are The Potential Risks I Should Be Mindful Of In Bermuda Beaches?

On a general note, beaches in Bermuda can be considered as quite safe. There are however occasional instances of risks and some of such risks come with high negative consequences.

Portuguese Man of  War

This is a marine creature that has some semblance to Jellyfish that has a blue bladder floating on the water and is usually seen in the water of Bermuda.  Most times, as a  result of strong storms or wind,  they are moved to the beaches.  Just one string from the long tentacles of the creature can prove to be quite fatal some of the time. One unique feature of this creature is that they may look dead but they actually are not. Hence, it is only advisable that you do not go close to them.  It is therefore advisable that you do not go near them if you see them on the beach.

Rip Currents

These are currents that flow back to the sea from the direction of the shore and can sometimes prove to be quite fatal.  In a case where you are caught in the current, you may end up being swept away.

You should know that a number of beaches on the island do not have standby Lifeguards even though the majority of them do especially during the summer. Therefore if you feel you may have need of assistance of any kind while you are snorkeling or swimming, you will have to be careful in choosing a beach.

Are There Cases Of Snatching And Theft In Bermuda?

There have been instances of robbery and theft in Bermuda. Even though they may not be a great concern to visitors, there have however been instances where visitors have ended up being victims of such situations. There have been instances where tourists have been robbed. For instance, your valuables may simply disappear if you do not monitor them especially in a crowded beach you may lose them.

Even in a situation where the beach is secluded and no one appears to be around it is advisable that you do not leave your wallet and valuables unattended to. It is, however, wise that you give it to someone to help you hold it or you keep them in a waterproof bag.

There are however some beaches on the Island that have lockers that you can rent out on an hourly basis.  If you are carrying any valuable I would suggest that you collect a locker for safekeeping. If you intend taking a camera along, you may have to take a waterproof camera, one which is able to float on water.

One other type of theft common in Bermuda is from a scooter basket.  If you keep valuables in the basket, you must ensure that it shouldn’t be kept unlocked especially when it is in a parked position. It is only ideal that you take your valuables along with you and that you do not keep anything in the scooter basket without attending to it.

You must also be careful when you find yourself in a very crowded environment such as beaches so as not to be a victim of snatching. There have been cases of snatching in Bermuda beaches even though they only occur once a while. The best thing you should do is to have them stored up in a pouch bag which you can tie to your waist and kept beneath your clothes.

Are There Serious Crimes In Bermuda?

No, serious crimes on the Island are quite low, although it has been on the rise in recent memory.  However, it should be noted that none of these crimes have affected visitors or tourists. The Bermuda security has its own set of guidelines especially for women who intend visiting Bermuda.

When Do Hurricanes Happen In Bermuda?

The hurricane season in Bermuda occurs between the months of June and November although this is not always made known to tourists so as not to discourage them. However, hurricanes are not quite frequent in Bermuda. Even though hurricanes and storms come around once in a while and cause damages.

In a number of scenarios, activities on the island have come to a standstill such as grinding to halt eateries, stores, and some other establishments. However, it is important to point out that Bermuda seems to have learned from its past experiences. There are also a few things you should do as a form of precaution against such occurrences.

What Should I Know About Crossing The Bermuda Triangle?

If there is anything that stands out about Bermuda, it has to be the world-famous Bermuda triangle. The controversy and mystery behind the Bermuda triangle are one whose popularity transcends both space and time. This triangle is located in three corners in San Juan, Miami, and Bermuda.  Basically, all flights and cruise ships leaving Bermuda from the UK, US and the Caribbean have to go through the triangle. It, therefore, suffices to say that you do not have to be scared when going through this area because of the certain risk of disappearing.

In case you are not aware, the Triangle area of the Island is perhaps one of the busiest in the world as far as commercial air and cruise traffic is concerned. Each year, over 650,000 tourists flow into Bermuda each year from all over the world to enjoy the sand and the Sun. it, therefore, suffices to say that there is really no need for you to be scared.

What Is The Health System Like In Bermuda?

The health expenses in a country like Bermuda can be pretty high. And the moment you do not expect something wrong to happen, chances are that it may.  You should note that there is basically no provision for free treatment of any kind in Bermuda and Hospitalization can be quite expensive.

In addition to the aforementioned point, if you are lodged in a hotel and a medical emergency occurs, they will still go-ahead to impose their heave cancelation charges.

Are There Safety Tips I Should Be Aware Of Before I Visit Bermuda?

There are a few things you should be mindful of in terms of safety tips before you visit Bermuda.  Here are a few of them:

  • Make sure you do not hang around certain high-risk areas like the outer area of Hamilton which has a reputation of being a flashpoint at night. You should also avoid walking about troublesome spots in the night.
  • Note that the majority of the roads in on the Island are not that wide and usually do not have sidewalks. It is therefore wise you avoid walking on such roads.
  • When you are visiting coastal areas, ensure that you put on shoes that are sturdy. This should help you avoid getting your ankles twisted.

Take-Home From Bermuda

Now you know Bermuda fits the profile of a country, we also believe you now know how awesome a country it is. However, we counsel that you be mindful of the tips we have given you as regards maximizing your time on the Island. Bermuda is certainly more than a country, it is an experience waiting to happen!

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