5 Tips For Increasing Webinar Conversion

5 Tips for Increasing Webinar Conversion

There are many good reasons why businesses should host webinars. 

For one, they can help you get the best leads possible. In fact, you can get as many as 1,000 leads for every successful webinar. From this target audience, you can achieve conversion rates as high as 67%. 

The good news is you can easily enjoy the benefits of increasing webinar conversion. It’s a matter of following these five personal recommendations:

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Your Upcoming Webinar Topic Needs To Be Compelling

To increase conversions, you need to keep your audience engaged. The only way to do this is to present an interesting topic. 

In other words, a striking topic will help boost registration numbers. 

So how do you come up with appealing topics for webinars? Well, it’s as simple as paying attention to the following: 

Questions often asked by audience members

If you’ve hosted webinars before, then look back at the Q&A session and the chatbox. What are the questions that the attendees often ask? 

If you’re tired of answering each one of them, then it’s time to spin them into webinars. By addressing questions that a lot of people ask, you stand to produce a high-converting webinar. 

Popular blog posts or articles

What blog post generates the most shares or social media engagement? Remember: topics that go viral make for great webinar content. 

Whenever you run out of ideas, refer to these content marketing strategies. More often than not, they’ll help boost your webinar campaign. 

Reviews of your competitor’s products or services

People trust online reviews. So if you see something ‘bad’ on your competitor’s website, know that it’s an opportunity for customer acquisition. 

Addressing these concerns in your live webinar will surely boost cold traffic! 

Useful Content Will Boost Webinar Conversions

Now that you have chosen an exciting topic, it’s time to create helpful content. Remember: website visitors will sign up for something that will benefit them. 

While it’s good to focus on your sales pitch, it won’t increase your average webinar attendance rate. Nobody budges to the ‘hard sell’ method anymore. 

If you want to increase the number of sign-ups, then you need to formulate educational content. 

Webinars convert more if they are seminars and discussions of the informative kind. Don’t make it too dragging, though, as people only have a limited attention span. 

By delivering educational live webinars, you get to build more trust in your brand. With this perceived value, it’s easier to promote your product/service to the buying audience. 

Use The Right Webinar Platform

Choosing the right webinar software is just as important as picking the right topic or creating helpful content. 

If you use the wrong program, most viewers will just end up as no-shows. Think of all the money you’ll lose because of this! 

So when it comes to picking a software, make sure it’s designed for your preferred type of webinar. For a live event, for example, the best option is LiveStorm. 

As for automated webinars, StealthSeminar offers everything you need to run a pre-recorded video. 

If you’re thinking of running both, then choose a program that can cater to these formats. 

Promote Your Event To All Potential Webinar Attendees

You need to improve webinar registrations if you want to boost your program’s conversion rate. 

Here are some marketing tactics you can try for your upcoming event:

Landing Page Marketing

Marketers have long used landing pages because they’re effective. For one, they can help you stick with the promise you made on your website. 

These can help you obtain your potential customers’ information and capture high-quality leads. 

Social Media Marketing

About 4.48 billion people use social media. So if you want to drive webinar attendance rates, then you need to run ads. Right now, there are lots to choose from, like Facebook ads, Twitter ads, and even Tiktok ads. 

Whatever social proof you use, always add a clear call to action at the end. That way, your many registrants get to where they need to sign up. 

Email Marketing

Email marketing has been very popular up to now mainly because it works. In fact, for every $1 you spend here, you stand to enjoy a profit of $42

To convert visitors, you need to be diligent in sending promotional or reminder emails. Again, don’t forget to include a CTA that leads to your sales page.

Follow Up On Your Qualified Leads

Even if your webinar is done, you can still achieve more conversions. It’s just a matter of following up with your attendees. 

One great example is sending a follow-up email. To make it more effective, you need to include the summary of these webinars or links to their replays. 

You can also provide your client with a discount code. With these benefits, you can convince your attendee to become a full-fledged buyer. 

There you have it—the five secrets to achieve a higher page conversion. As long as you follow them, you can host webinars that attract more leads.