Why I Stopped Selling Monat: The Dark Truth

Why I Stopped Selling Monat..

Humans in history have gone to great lengths to achieve beauty in art, buildings, and most of all, themselves. 

As technological advancements helped us build better cities and buildings, it also helped us create beauty products that make users look incredible.

The fashion and beauty industry is one of the most prolific industries in our modern world, and one of the biggest companies in this field is Monat. 

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Monat has had some rocky publicity recently, and you might want to know more about them so let’s get into it;

Why I Stopped Selling Monat

Modern nature is a hair care company that promotes hair growth thickness and other hair changes.

They have shampoos, creams, blowout creams, and other hair beauty products. The biggest selling point for this company is that its products are all-natural.

Monat’s sales teams promote it over social media, primarily Facebook and Instagram. You cannot buy Monat products from a retailer or a store; you have to buy them through their retail partners.

The biggest issue with Monat is that their products are not what the company claims it is. The company uses the all-natural line to hook customers, but that is not the case. Their products have a lot of additives that have damaged a lot of people’s hair.

The high acid content in Monat’s shampoo has led most saloons to drop the product. The acid decolorizes your hair, but you will not notice the difference until you stop using it. Most people that sell it only do it because their customers specifically ask for it.

After a few months, most customers complained about their hair falling out after using Monat’s products. 

This is mostly the case when they change to a different program and stop using Monat; thus, many beauty experts don’t recommend it.

Monat’s products are friendly to a limited number of people. Some users have had good results without side effects from Monat, but there are more who experience itching around the scalp and head for days after using the product.

Their skincare products are not as high quality as most adverts put them out to be. The products are supposed to be natural, yet they have powerful chemicals that damage a user’s hair follicles or skin.

If you request an SDS sheet from Monat, they will ask you to sign a waiver that doesn’t allow you to share the content of the SDS. This confidentiality could be to protect their products or to hide what they put in the products. 

While Monat is a good way to make money as a seller, it is not the right choice for clients. The company has grown rapidly over the years, but hundreds of complaints about their products have made most market partners drop the deal. 

Monat Haircare Review 

Monat’s products are relatively expensive depending on the product you purchase, so you need to know everything that comes in the package before paying for it. Here is an unbiased review on Monat and how its products work;

There are a lot of controversies about Monat products, and they are not good for everyone. There are many negatives about the product, and you might overlook the positives, so let us look at the advantages that most users have established.

1. It improves the strength and resilience of your hair

If you have issues with your hair, you can use Monat hair products, and they will help strengthen it more and make it adhere better to your head, and it will be easier to style. 

Having strong and resilient hair will boost your confidence since it will look better and be easier to work with. It will also prevent hair loss in the long run; thus, you should look into it.

2. It helps with thickening and growth

If you cut your hair and you want to regrow it, Monat hair products could be a solid fit for you. The products will help increase the thickness of your hair strands and increase the length. 

Most customers have confessed that Monat helped them grow a long, thick head of hair, and this can be your story as well. 

3. It builds a shine in your hair

The Monat hair products do a good job flattening the cuticle; therefore, your hair will reflect light and look amazing. Once you establish a healthy routine, you should enjoy these benefits and more. 

While Monat products have received many praises over the years, they are not without flaws. 

The users have brought up some major concerns, and you need to look at them before committing to the products.

  • The products take a long time to work. You might hate your hair initially, but you have to keep using the products for months to see any significant improvement.
  • The high price is a disadvantage that comes out first to most people. Monat products cost double or three times the price of other high-quality hair products, making it a no for most people on tight budgets.
  • It is not gentle on the skin, and most users report itchiness around the scalp for hours after use. 

If you have a skin condition or your skin is sensitive to chemicals, it might be best to go with another specifically tailored product.

  • The products are not generally performing, which means they will work differently for different people. 

To get the best regimen for your hair, you have to go through trial and error, and at times, this could end up ruining your hair.

Things To Know Before Joining Monat

Monat has thousands of market partners across the US, and as many people know, it is a good way to make a decent living without stressing too much. 

Before you click the join now button, there are things you need to consider, so let us get into the details;

1. Have realistic expectations

Before joining a business, you need to have an accurate idea of what the company is about and the returns you will get from it. Monat is not a get-rich-quick scam or anything of the sort. 

This is a legitimate business that will need you to put in consistent hard work daily. It is a sales business that is based in a social marketplace. You have to reach out to customers, showcase products, and you will earn money for your hard work.

2. You are actually about to start a business

Many people take Monat lightly because the startup cost is so low, and that is where they go wrong. It is much cheaper than starting a traditional business where you would have to get everything for yourself. 

Monat lays everything out for you, and the transition is a lot simpler. You get customer service, a website, and the products ready. You will become the CEO of your business, so you have to treat it like one to make money.

3. Consider whose team you join

Before you join someone’s team, ask them questions to see if you are on the same page before you join them to avoid regrets. If their goals are not as ambitious as yours, they are not the right people to join. 

Find someone who will run with you rather than walk behind you and drag you down. If you want to join an influencer, keep in mind that they have many people joining them; therefore, it is hard for them to pay personal attention to each member.

4. Be open to learning

This business will not be easy; you will have to step out of your comfort zone and acquire new skills to make you a better entrepreneur. As you go on, you will interact with more people. 

You will therefore learn a lot about the business, sales, the people and marketing. You will need to improve your communication skills to connect with your customers better, and it will be worth it if you are willing to do the work.

5. Understand your goals and reasons for getting into the business

Before you join this business, you need to establish why you want to get into it. Knowing your purpose will go a long way in determining the work you will put into the business

This is business, and times will get rough. Understanding your reasons for getting into the business will motivate you through the tough times and give you a better chance of success.


Monat is one of the fastest-growing companies on the planet, and they have achieved this because of their marketing strategies.

Monat can cut down on marketing expenses by making their customers sell among themselves, thus improving their profits.

Many people have stopped working with Monat because of their products’ reputation in the market. 

Many customers complain about side effects caused by Monat products, and you should look into them before selling.