How Old To Gamble In Las Vegas? Age Requirements

How Old To Gamble In Las Vegas

How old to gamble in Las Vegas is a relevant question that visitors and those living in the city need to ask. Finding minors gambling is an offense in this part of the world. Casinos in Las Vegas and other parts of the country know this. So they try as much as possible to prevent persons considered as minors from coming closer to their casinos.

So, how old to gamble in Las Vegas? 

The legal age to gamble in Las Vegas is 21 years. At this age, you are free to play or be found around the gambling houses. Those below this age are not allowed to gamble. They are not even allowed to be close to a slot machine or stay on the casino floor. 

That’s it about how old one needs to be to gamble in Las Vegas. I also shared other information regarding gambling in Las Vegas you may want to know. Read on!

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Can An 18 Years Old Gamble In The United States Of America?

Gambling is one of the activities highly regulated across the United States of America. Outside the U.S, many countries where gambling is legal also have laws, which stipulate the age limit allowed to be involved in any form of gambling.

So, countries around the world were gambling is legal only permits reasonable adults. However, what I would want you to know is that every country has its policies on gambling. Even back here in the United States of America, every state has its laws regarding gambling.

Back to the question; can someone that’s 18 years old gamble in the United States of America? The answer is yes, and no. I said yes because most states permit it. It’s the age limit for persons to be seen near a casino or be actively involved in gambling.

However, I would like to clear the air by letting you know that in Las Vegas, things are quite different. It’s not legal for persons who are 18 years and under to gamble or be close to a casino. The minimum age is 21 years old. Anything below that is against the laws of the land and is a punishable offense. The implication is that the casino where the violation occurred might be closed down or be visited with the full weight of the law.

So, yes, you can gamble in the United States even if you are 18 years old but not in a state like Las Vegas. You must be 21 years or above. 

Also, while some states allow 18 years old to be involved in all gambling types, some only restrict their activities to certain games. In other words, 18 years old might be allowed to take part in gambling activities like horse racing or lottery alone in the majority of the 21+ states. These states allow gambling for 18 years old but for specific gambling types, as stated above.

However, states in this category (allows 18 years to partake in specific games) include Arkansas, Maine, Illinois, Pennsylvania, New York, and Kansas.

It’s also worthy of note that only a total of four states, which includes Wyoming, Minnesota, Iowa, and Idaho, legally permits citizens who are 18 years old to make any form of bets while gambling. But other states such as Florida, Indiana, Oregon, California, and Wisconsin legal permits specific type of wager (the pari-mutual wager is an example) for someone who is just 18 years old.

Activities For Non-Gamblers In Las Vegas: Things You Can Do Besides Gambling

Activities For Non-Gamblers In Las Vegas

There’s something about Las Vegas that attracts people from far and near to the city. First, it has a vibrant nightlife and loads of activities to keep you busy all day long. But let’s not forget it’s called the gambling sin city for a reason.

Following Nevada’s legalization of gambling back in 1931, Vegas fast became a home for gamblers. You will find gamblers from all over the world in this city. And there are world-class casinos throughout the city that will make you want to spend your cash without hesitation.

So, Las Vegas is the world’s gambling capital. But despite that, there are other ways you can keep yourself engaged and happy other than gambling. It’s essential for non-gamblers and those who are below the legal age to know that there are activities they can enjoy in Las Vegas. Let’s take a look at some of them.

  • Climbing the Tallest tower in the United States:  Are you acrophobic? If no, then here’s an activity for you! When you visit Las Vegas, don’t hesitate to visit the Stratosphere Observation Deck. It’s 1,149 feet high and will offer you a 360 view of Vegas, including her beautiful desert.
  • Visit the red rock canyon: Here’s another funfilled activity for you to take your mind off gambling. It’s just 17 miles away from the strip and looks attractive. Explore the red rock and learn about Vega in this rocky environment. And don’t forget to take your camera with you.
  • Entertainment: There’s everything for you at Las Vegas. You will find top concerts and shows hosted by renowned casinos and some entertainment venues. So, check for upcoming shows and book your ticket right away.
  • Pay a visit to the Hoover Dam: Las Vegas is home to numerous side attractions that will blow your mind away. One of them is the Hoover Dam. It’s one of the engineering marvels of the world, and a place you will love to spend quality time.

The list goes on and on. Permit me to say that there are unarguably many things you can do in Las Vegas besides gambling. So, if you are not a gambler or below the legal age of those allowed to gamble, you can spend your time doing other things that keep you happy.

In the past, the main reason people visited Las Vegas in large numbers was to gamble. But presently, things have changed. Most people who now visit claim they did for pleasure and relaxation purposes, although there’s a massive temptation to hit the casinos, and it’s serious for those who are gamblers.

Tips On How To Enjoy Casino When You Visit Las Vegas

Tips On How To Enjoy Casino When You Visit Las Vegas

Well, this one is for gamblers. If your primary reason for stopping by Las Vegas is to bet your hard-earned money, consider the following tips. There are things you need to be aware of before visiting casinos in this city. Don’t take them for granted, and you will enjoy every second you spend in a casino. Let’s get down to business.

1. Don’t be intimidated

The first thing you will notice about casinos is that there’s intimidation everywhere you look. The people, the quality of the place, cameras, and even the security guards can be intimidating. Another thing is that you will feel the people around are experts who don’t make mistakes. But let me tell you something.

The first thing you need to do if you want to enjoy your casino experience is to never look down on yourself. Again, you should never be intimidated by the well-dressed staff and flashlights in the casinos, including the people you see there.

You need to believe everyone in the casino is just like you. No one is richer, smarter, or an expert at winning. If they were, they would have won all the money, and made the casino go bankrupt. You need to know that some are individuals who are seeking a breakthrough in gambling just like you. So, sit down on any table you like and interact with people as you wish. Be free and enjoy your casino experience.

2. Acquire knowledge before playing

Never make the mistake of playing a casino game without first learning the game. There’s a high chance of you losing your hard-earned money when you do. Instead, spend time learning the casino game you wish to play. Conduct in-depth research and ask pertinent questions.

What I want you to understand is that every casino game has rules. And these rules are created by man, not the machine. So, they are rules you can learn, and you could get better at the game in no time. So, do not play a casino game without learning first. In short, learning will boost your confidence and eliminate fear.

3. Stick to your limit

If you are a beginner, you shouldn’t be looking for big money. Know that the only way to win big is to beg a higher amount, which you might not be ready for. So, don’t try to go beyond your limits. Check the betting table and ensure the table minimum is within your budget. You need to check first and be sure before sitting down.

The table minimum refers to the least amount one can place as a bet. It’s what you can bet for every single round of the game. Don’t let greed force you to blow that budget. And remember, the more games you play, the more experience you may acquire at the end of the day.

Wrapping It Up

I am glad you are now aware of how old to gamble in Las Vegas. But if you are not within the legal age, no problem! I also wrote about other things you can do besides gambling. There are a plethora of activities that will keep you engaged and happy all through your stay if you are a tourist. Las Vegas is a highly attractive city. And if you’re a gambler, don’t hesitate to visit this part of the U.S in your lifetime. It’s a place to spend time, make new friends, and to gamble in the world’s best casinos.

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